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The Misfits


Hired goon for Eric Raymond

Voiced by

Charlie Adler

Zipper is a hired thug for Eric Raymond. He is highly unscrupulous and mercantile, and has gone to great lengths to fulfill his assignments, from theft to attempted murder. He has an extensive criminal background and has changed his hair color to thwart detection. He is also not too bright.


Zipper is the typical thug you can find in an alley. However, he is very discrete about his jobs.


This rather stereotypical street thug is hired by Eric Raymond in order to "scare" some girls in a house. The plan was for Zipper to get inside the house and move some of the objects inside to make the girls get scared. He was then supposed to flee from the scene. However, things happened a little bit different: he got into the house by breaking a window and then started stealing objects. Jerrica, Kimber, Aja and Shana went down to the first floor to investigate and caught him in the act. While trying to escape, he ran and pushed Kimber, making her throw a lantern with a candle that provoked the fire of Starlight House. Eric was furious about this failure.

Another of his crimes was, with orders from Pizzazz, to kidnap Kimber and leave her inside a volcano. In the end, he was arrested by the police.


  • There isn't a known name for Zipper. In an interview, Christy Marx stated that he was "too inconsequential a character to bother giving him a name more than that."
  • During his time on the show, his hair color changes. This was probably an editing issue in the overseas production, since he wasn't a regular character. The hair colors are brown and black.
  • Zipper is the one that caused the Starlight House to burn down, although it was Eric Raymond who was the unintentional driving force behind the act.
  • Zipper was originally called "Perve".
  • Zipper, Eric Raymond and Techrat share the same voice actor: Charlie Adler.
  • Zipper was written out because the writers felt the character was too thuggish.
  • It's assumed that he remained in jail after the "Hot Time in Hawaii" episode, since it was his last appearance. After he was written out, Techrat started to appear more frequently in the show.