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This article is about the Generation 1 Autobot - for the Shattered Glass Autobot, see Zetar (SG).
Zetar is an Autobot Multi-function Specialist.

He was awesome in Maniac Cop.

Zetar is one of the Powerdashers, and is both fast and skillful. He is friendly, cheerful, and obedient, and transforms into a Cybertronic drill tank. Little is known about his true strengths and weaknesses.

Glad to help!


In 2017 Zetar volunteered to help Dust Devil investigate the fate of Vector Sigma. Upon accidentally touching Vector Sigma's damaged shell, Zetar exhibited a strange glow, and hasn't felt the same way since. Somehow possessing knowledge he shouldn't, Zetar then lead Dust Devil to the Plasma Energy Chamber.

Zetar enjoyed a brief moment of fame, as his heroic acts were celebrated across Cybertron (and beyond) as being one of he key players to reviving the Plasma Energy Chamber. Sadly, soon after, Zetar was killed in a battle against Trypticon. Ironically, he died trying (successfully) to save Dust Devil.

Later that year, Dust Devil, Spike Witwicky, and Typhoon took Zetar's body before Vector Sigma, who withdrew the energy that Zetar had absorbed from it and returned Zetar to life in return. Zetar was as surprised about this turn of events as anyone, and immediately returned to work for the Autobots.





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