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Yuss is a town on Cybertron.

As of 06/02/2018 (User:Bzero), Yuss is
Autobots within the territory are viewed indifferently, Decepticons within the territory are viewed indifferently, and Unaffiliated Inhabitants are undisturbed.
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With neutralists like this, who needs enemies?

Yuss is a small town in the Stanix region of Cybertron. Yuss is a peaceful town largely untouched by war (Stanix was conquered early in the war and the Decepticons moved on). Its inhabitants go about their simple lives in and around the village, clothed in colorful metallic fabrics.

Four million years ago, Yuss was located just three hics from Fort Scyk. Because transformation was invented at the outset of the war which quickly passed them by, it is likely that the inhabitants of Yuss did not have the ability to transform. In the modern era, Yuss is deep within the Acid Wastes.


Marvel Comics continuity

Marvel The Transformers comics

Four million years ago, a squad of Decepticons from Fort Scyk was sent to Yuss to flush out a group of no-good neutralists living there. Their fun mayhem was interrupted by the Magnificent Six, an Autobot covert operations team, who saved the town's inhabitants.

However, Yuss' goodwill became strained under a solid week of bombardment by Megadeath's elite cadre. Finally, a flippant comment by Sunstreaker after the Amprodome's destruction enraged Huxx, an influential town leader. He convinced the thirty surviving neutralists to betray the Autobots, who were systematically tortured and one of their number killed by Megadeath.

With a neutronic explosion imminent, the neutralists were hidden in Yuss for the Autobots to find. The Autobots captured Megadeath, but he refused to give up the neutralists' location. Finally, the Autobots were forced to flee for their lives.

Note: It's not known where the neutralists were hidden, but they seem to have been at least partially shielded from the neutron fallout since all 30 survived.

Megadeath also survived, though a large region of Stanix was converted into the Acid Wastes. He spent the ensuing four million years ruling a post-apocalyptic horror with the neutralists as his servants.

The Magnificent Six!

MUX Continuity

Nightbeat is a neutral detective operating out of Yuss.


The Amprodome - This bowl-like structure housed the treasures, antiquities and history of Yuss. A precise hit with Thunderwing's thermal-charge turned it into a featureless crater.

Justice Building - The Autobots were tortured in the Justice Building after the neutralists gave them up.

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