Transformers Universe MUX

Log Title: You Found Me Beautiful Once


Location: Grand Canyon, Earth

Date: October 27, 2019

TP: Deadite TP

Summary: Bad Mort and his Deadites are up to their old shenanigans, and they're bringing some new friends with them.

As logged by Tyla - Sunday, October 27, 2019, 6:07 PM

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a steep-sided canyon carved by the Colorado River in the United States in the state of Arizona. It is largely contained within the Grand Canyon National Park, one of the first national parks in the United States. President Theodore Roosevelt was a major proponent of preservation of the Grand Canyon area and visited it on numerous occasions to hunt and enjoy the scenery.
The Grand Canyon is 277 miles (446 km) long, up to 18 miles (29 km) wide and attains a depth of over a mile (1.83 km) (6000 feet). Nearly two billion years of the Earth's geological history have been exposed as the Colorado River and its tributaries cut their channels through layer after layer of rock while the Colorado Plateau was uplifted. While the specific geologic processes and timing that formed the Grand Canyon are the subject of debate by geologists, recent evidence suggests the Colorado River established its course through the canyon at least 17 million years ago. Since that time, the Colorado River continued to erode and form the canyon to the point we see it at today.
Before European immigration, the area was inhabited by Native Americans who built settlements within the canyon and its many caves. The Pueblo people considered the Grand Canyon ("Ongtupqa" in Hopi language) a holy site and made pilgrimages to it. The first European known to have viewed the Grand Canyon was García López de Cárdenas from Spain, who arrived in 1540.
Zombie Autobots
The fallen bodies of Skids, Bluestreak, Outback, and Tracks have risen again. Although their armor is white and their optics are dark, these former Autobots move with a new hunger brought about by The Evil. Their movements are jerky as they lurch towards the living, but the Evil has given them near supernatural strength and power. They are mindlessly determined to force the rest of the living to join the Dead.

Raoul's like he never left the Autobots. Years ago, this is when Sparkplug would have sprung into action. But today, he looks back at Raoul, giving a look of confusion. A total sitting duck. "What...what's happening?!"

A spiked hover-ATV flies into the area, arcing around before landing and transforming into a tall, lanky femme. Her peeling armour may have once been tan, but it now scarred and mostly faded to a dull grey. Her optics are dark and hollow but there is glee in her jagged smile. Her long arms end in frightful claws, each one jagged and covered in blood-red rust.

Spike looks over at his family from the podium, but Carly and Daniel have already hopped into action, protecting Megan from the menace that is appearing.

Raoul grabs Sparkplug's chair and immediately begins wheeling him towards cover. "I don't know what's happening, man, but it ain't good!"

Bad Mort raises a small device that looks like a medieval remote control, "But wait! We can't start the party until all the guests have arrived!" He presses a button, and a swirling vortex of darkness begins to form behind him, collapsing the barrier between this world and that of the living dead. As the four dead Autobots begin ripping themselves free of their coffins, legions of undead begin pouring through the breach. Stalking among them is a titanic figure, a mismatched fusion of the Predacons and Protectobots.

Crosscut shakes his arms, activating little-used defensive weaponry. He leaps down off the Transformers platform, trying to cross over to the side with Spike and his family. Between Crosscut and his human friends (and Scales!) are the animated remains of the recently deceased Autobots, and then the massive portal opens....

Scales jumps forward to crouch in front of the humans, crest and wings half-spread protectively. "Find someplace safe for Megan! I'll watch your backs!"

Spike takes shelter behind Crosscut with Carly, Daniel, and Megan. He looks over at Cerebros, then looks back up at Crosscut. "Uh...I think I'm going to have to make a break..." He looks at Carly and Carly merely nods.

Spike radios Cerebros and says "OK, remember the rule of not using your firepower... this may be the time to break it!"

Optimus Prime reacts immediately, jumping off the platform and drawing his Pathblaster. "Autobots!" he yells. "Find cover! Protect the humans!" He races forward, arming his rifle. "Mortar!" he addresses the figure who interrupted his speech. "Don't do this! Today is a time for mourning. Do not sully it with your twisted presence!"

Spike gives a nod to Crosscut and pats him on his shoulder. "Be careful!" He then runs, making a beeline toward Cerebros. Cerebros, not one at ALL for combat, picks Spike up and places him, exo-suit-less in his cranial unit. He then proceeds to run into Fortress Maximus.

Springer growls just a bit as the chaos springs forth and it gets a bit deeper when the fallen Autobots start to move, a few of the other Wreckers hesitate just a moment but soon are moving forward, each moving to cover some of the weaker Bots as well as the humans while Springer himself jumps forward and lands in front of the Human group, sword appearing in one hand as the other brings out his pistol. He looks at Tyla and shakes his head a bit, "Damn... I try to see beauty in anything, especially the Femmes, but lady, you redefine 'Ugly'."

Raoul wheels Sparkplug down beneath the human mourner platform, out of sight and he hopes out of immediate danger. "It'll be OK, Mr. Witwicky," the record producer says, voice shaking. "Optimus Prime is here. He'll protect us. He'll protect your family." Raoul peeks out from behind cover. Even if the undead weren't several times his size, Raoul doesn't have a weapon - not even a wrench. But he'll be damned if he lets anyone hurt the man who in many ways saved his life.

Fortress Maximus isn't the swiftest of Autobots. The transforming process takes a lumbering 30 seconds, but once it happens, Fortress Maximus stretches, perhaps in relief that he finally gets some mobility after his lengthy trek from Cybertron. Near the massive combiner, he growls "Fortress...MAXIMUS!"

Sparkplug freezes and merely nods, along with the few other human diplomats and guests who are under the platform for protection. Sparkplug, feeling every bit of his helplessness looks on in confusion and fear at Raoul. He reaches out and squeezes Raoul's arm. "We... gotta... stay together."

Bad Mort turns to glare at Optimus Prime, his lifeless black optics seeming to tug at the Autobot leader's very life force. He sneers as he's addressed, "I ain't that goody little two-shoes. I'm Bad Mort." He draws a fusion shotgun from his pack, leveling it at Optimus, "And I'm the guy with the gun."

>> Bad Mort misses Optimus Prime with Fusion Shotgun <Medium>. <<

From within Fortress Maximus, Spike says to Cerebros in a rapidfire tone "All right buddy this is 'real world' shit, whatever we're going to do, we gotta do it in unison. No arguments from any of us." Cerebros calls back "Affirmative."

Swindle arrives just in time to see all hell break loose. The dead are walking, and they are unhappy. Swindle would be the first to say that he's not a superstitious mech -- but, well, Swindle *lies*. Like, a lot. Like, constantly. To everyone. Including himself. He freezes in place as he sees the abomination that is a mix of the Predacons and Protectobots appear, but his scatter blaster whines loudly into life and seems to target on its own, firing blindly at the merged gestalt.

>> Swindle strikes Predafensor with Scatter-Blaster <Medium>. <<

Crosscut scooches around the zombie Autobots, hands out in front of him protectively. "St-tay back," he calls to the humans on the platform. "We-we'll handle this." He glances down at Scales at his side, nodding, gaining some strength from the even-smaller Autobot's bravery. As Skids's animated body lurches towards them, however, Crosscut pauses. "Please," he whispers. "Brother..." But when the former theoretician continues to advance, Crosscut turns his head away, and fires...

>> Crosscut strikes Zombie Autobots with Laser <Medium>. <<

Springer moves forward quick enough, a quick command going out over the Wrecker comms sending the handful there towards the zombie hordes, his gun rising up as he fires off a few quick random shots at the horde himself, his focus on those closest to the humans as he keeps muttering, "Did Blot have a daughter?" His path turns just a bit as he sees Tyla moving forward and sets his path towards her with his sword rising in a sweep as a challenge towards her, "Lady, you need a serious scaping done on those fingers of yours."

>> Springer misses Zombie Autobots with Laser <Medium>. <<

Optimus Prime stares down Bad Mort as they advance towards each other, twisting slightly to dodge the spread of Mort's fusion shotgun blast. "You'll find I have a gun as well," Prime says dryly, raising his rifle and firing from the hip at the shoulder of Bad Mort's gun arm - specifically, the connector between the arm and body. "And in this case, I'm not afraid to use it. Send your monstrosity home, Mort - or our friends won't be the only ones buried today."

>> Optimus Prime misses Bad Mort with Disarm <Medium>. <<

There's been much handwringing over the past two months about the nature of pacifism. Weighing one's role in the never-ending civil war between Autobots and Decepticons with Cerebros. But right now, good ol'-fashioned 'fight or flight' instincts are kicking in for all three occupants. Fortress Maximus lumbers toward Predafensor, in hopes of drawing the massive form away from the his sword as a sort of bat to bash him away from the innocents.

>> Fortress Maximus strikes Predafensor with Master Sword. <<

Tyla gives off a shrieking cackle at Springer's insult. She leaps from rock to rock, rapidly approaching the Wrecker leader. Dropping before him, she looks up at him with empty black optics. "You found me beautiful, once," she replies, giving him a frightening, broken-dentae grin. Up close, she looks almost familiar, even through the stench. The flaking brown paint... the remnants of a Weatherbot logo on her rusted chest.... "Perhaps you're a little too pretty yourself," she comments, slashing her claws down at Springer's handsome face.

>> Tyla strikes Springer with Claws. <<

First Aid sees Tyla go after the absolutely beautiful wre.. SPRINGER. And he goes into protective mode. "It's time for you to stop this. Lay down and find peace." With that, he fires his pistol at her, trying to blind her!

>> First Aid misses Tyla with Blinding <Low>. <<

Scales sets her little claws next to Cerebros, doing her best to be brave like Grimlock would. Also, she's not about to let Daniel or Megan get hurt if she can help it. The little dragon huffs and puffs as the zombies approach, breathing out a stream of fire to ward them off as they get nearer.

>> Scales strikes Zombie Autobots with Fire <Medium>. <<

Predafensor doesn't have much in the way of formal thinking anymore, let alone the capacity to verbalize its emotions. Instead, the mismatched creature just unleashes an unholy roar of hunger, leaning forward into a stalking lumber as it moves toward Fortress Maximus. It fails to notice the scatterblast that punctures its armor, opting instead to take out the greater prey. The sword takes him in the arm formed of Blades, biting deep and leaving it hanging from several cables. However, as the other arm is raised with an X-Ray cannon, the damaged parts begin to reach out shadows toward each other and knit themselves back together.

>> Predafensor strikes Fortress Maximus with Cannon <Medium>. <<

Skids's lurching body staggers back from the force of Crosscut's blast. Bluestreak falters, looking slightly confused, as Scales sets him on fire. The others continue to lurch towards the humans. That is, until firepower starts pouring in from Springer and his Wreckers. Successfully diverted, Outback and Tracks turn to attack Springer even as Tyla slashes at his face. The zombie Autobots are ghastly silent, devoid of anything but naked hunger.

>> Zombie Autobots strikes Springer with Bite. <<

Raoul nods, moving back to stay with Sparkplug and the other human guests at the aborted funeral. "OK," he gasps, breathing heavily as he tries to keep calm. "We'll be OK. We'll stay together. Optimus Prime will protect us." He looks around for something - anything - that can be used as a weapon. Eventually he produces a spare piece of metal from the rafters, and he holds it before him protectively like a club.

Bad Mort grabs one of his own minions, hoisting it up into the path of Optimus' blast. "Thanks, pal," he says, dropping the lifeless corpse to the ground. "You're in luck, Optimus. When I'm done, we won't need to bury anyone!" He locks optics with Optimus and reaches out with his own dark thoughts before looking down at the corpse. "Pick yourself up, you miserable bag of bones!"

As the legions of the dead continue to pour from the swirling vortex, a howl of rage can be heard. Another monstrous creature lunges through the rift, a hideous merger of the Terrorcons and the Combaticons. Abrutibominus takes a moment to survey the scene before charging headlong toward the largest target it can see, moving in with widely spread claws.

>> Bad Mort misses Optimus Prime with Mindfire <Medium>. <<

Sparkplug rests his thin hand on Raoul's shoulder. "Get down son..." He weakly gets up from his wheelchair, and weakly pulls on Raoul's arm to get down on the ground.

Swindle has seen his brothers dead before but seeing them dead and merged with the Terrorcons is just a biiiiit beyond the pale for him. It pushes him so far into fear he gets angry. Angry enough to fire on purpose this time.

>> Swindle strikes Abrutibominus with Rocket. <<

Crosscut flinches, taking an emotional toll as he battles his former friends. "It's working!" he yells encouragingly to Scales. "Keep it up!" As his wrist-lasers start to overheat, Crosscut rotates them out, replacing them with built-in miniguns. Wait, this guy is a diplomat? With determination set in his optics, he opens fire on the zombie Autobots again. "Skids, I won't leave you like this," he breathes almost silently.

>> Crosscut misses Zombie Autobots with Ballistic <Medium>. <<

Springer doesn't let the twin attacks from Tyla and the zombie attacks slow him down or stagger him much since he intentionally put himself forward to draw the zombies' attention while his Wreckers do what they can to keep the unliving contained. His hand shoots up to grab at Tyla's attacks, her claws sinking into his hand and his fingers drop his rifle then wrap around hers as reality of who she is supposed to be /finally/ dawns on the Wrecker... and something somewhat rare for him shows up, his darker and far angrier than he has shown most before, "No.. you are not, nor ever have been my Typhoon." A flick of his hand and he slams his sword at the Deadite's chest, the whine of the motors in his sword arm making it clear he is putting as much strength into his blow as he can.

>> Springer strikes Tyla with Sword. <<

Optimus Prime halts a moment as Bad Mort's dark thoughts reach out to him, trying to corrupt him. "No!" Optimus yells, shaking his head. "NO!" Optics narrowing, Prime straightens up and fires at Mortar again and again and again, rapidly unloading his rifle's entire clip at the undead leader. When the rifle is empty, he simply drops it and retracts his fist, deploying his energy axe in its place. "Your evil ends here, Mortar," he intones roughly. "I've had ENOUGH!" He slashes at Mort with his axe.

>> Optimus Prime critically strikes Bad Mort with Energy-Axe! <<

Tyla jerks sharply and gasps as Springer's sword slams right through her chest, piercing her spark. As black ichor runs from the corner of her mouth. She shudders, and her empty optic cavities open wide. "But... I thought... I thought you loved me! The rose...." Something with her seems to go out, and she falls to the ground, crumpling with a soft sigh....

But only for a moment before her head snaps back up and she shrieks in laughter. "Ha!" she yells, and from the ground kicks hard at Springer's shin.

>> Tyla misses Springer with Blow. <<

From inside Fortress Maximus, Spike looks on frantically. "I would have loved to have maybe have spent a day testing out these weapons instead of debating about the nature of violence, Cerebros. But here we are..." Fortress Maximus stumbles back from the cannon shot from Predafensor. He still sees the massive formation is out of weapon range from the humans. He begins to lock on his cannons on the menace. It's a process that takes absolute concentration, so much concentration that Fortress Maximus has no idea another combiner (Abrutibominus) has entered the scene. He locks on his cannons at Predafensor.

>> Fortress Maximus strikes Predafensor with Laser Blasters <Medium>. <<

>*Zap!* *Brap!* *Brap* *Pew* *Pew!*<

Abrutibominus growls as the rocket impacts its leg, but is determined to take down the biggest meal. Moreover, it's determined to beat Predafensor to the kill. Its own fellow deadites make a clear path, and those that are too slow are crushed under its advance. It suddenly leaps up, slashing with its claws.

>> Abrutibominus strikes Fortress Maximus with Slash. <<

First Aid turns away from Tyla and stares down the giant mess that is Predafensor. His brothers- even if they are not from his universe, fighting like that. He stares at the undead Blades hanging there and something snaps. "Hot Spot. Blades. Groove. Streetwise." He says, his optic band flashing. "I'll put you to rest." with that he fires his laser at the creature trying to distract him. What kinda suicide mission is he on?

>> First Aid strikes Predafensor with Laser <Medium>. <<

Predafensor is overcome by injuries, losing consciousness.

Scales takes a half step forward as Crosscut encourages. She takes deep breaths, drawing in more air as she raises her internal temperature, and uses that to breathe out a hotter wave of flame.

>> Scales strikes Zombie Autobots with Fire Breath <Medium>. <<

Crosscut's bullets tear through Skids's body but the undead scientist doesn't seem to notice. Skids lurches forward, reaching out with cold steel hands to grab at Crosscut and pull him down to the ground for the others to feast. Bluestreak staggers forward, still on fire. He burns brightly, the flames doing far more damage than Crosscut's bullets. The former gunner relies completely on brute strength now, staggering forward and trying to smash young Scales with fiery fists.

Outback and Tracks stumble off towards Springer's Wrecking crew, advancing slowly on Scoop and Flattop.

>> Zombie Autobots succeeds with its generic combat roll on Springer. <<
>> Zombie Autobots misses Crosscut with Grab. <<
>> Zombie Autobots misses Scales with Smash. <<

Raoul nods again to Sparkplug. "OK. OK," he tries to reassure Sparkplug. "It'll be OK. I'm laying down." He moves Sparkplug's chair to form a sort of shield from flying debris, and then lays down on the ground next to the Witwicky patriarch. "We're gonna get through this, man," he assures Sparkplug. "We're not going to die here tonight. I plan to attend your 100th birthday party."

Bad Mort yowls as the axe imbeds itself in his chestplate. However, he doesn't let it get him down. He withdraws his own hand back inside his arm, "I'll spoil those good looks!" A chainsaw suddenly extends from the arm, spraying acid as it screams to life. Bad Mort moves to rake it straight up the middle of Optimus' body.

As the Autobot forces seem to be stemming the tide, the greatest horror has finally chosen to unveil itself. This titan is a wholly new site, not a mismatched hotch-potch like the previous combiners. This one is new - created solely by the Deadites for their own evil ends.

>> Bad Mort strikes Optimus Prime with Acid-Chainsaw. <<

Sparkplug 's breathing gets labored. He then laughs, wheezing under the protection of Raoul. "Damnit..*cough* son...*cough* Now's not the time to joke!"

Swindle moves closer to the fight, mouth pulled back into a snarl as he fires on the freaks. He's glad to see one of the amalgamations disappear, though he wishes it was the one made up of his team that was gone. "Well, then, see what you can do about it," he tells himself.

>> Swindle strikes Abrutibominus with Gyro-Gun <Medium>. <<
>> Abrutibominus temporarily loses motor functions from the attack! <<

Crosscut panics and throws himself backward as Skids lurches forward. Catching the edge of the platform at the back of his knees, he falls on his aft, horror in his optics. "No no no no no no!" repeats, scrabbling back away from the zombies. "Stay back!" He reaches into a subspace pocket and pulls out an actual rifle, turning his body slightly as he fires it pointblank at the face of his former friend. "Get back!"

>> Crosscut misses Zombie Autobots with EMP Rifle <Medium>. <<

Springer's face retains that same anger even as he bats away the kick with one arm as he releases his sword, leaving it there as he lifts his foot up and stomps down on the hilt of his sword as he tries to drive it deeper as well as forcing it to the side, his voice ice-cold, "Love you? Not even the darkest of the dark would love a creature like you.. you are a pale hideous shadow of her." He then shifts a bit and lifts his knee up, hitting the hilt of his sword to force it out before grabbing it mid-air with his hand again as he looks down at Tyla, a command going out to the Wreckers as he waits to see what the hag does next, "Wreckers... do your fragging jobs and WRECK THOSE HUSKS!"

>> Springer strikes Tyla with Stomp. <<

Optimus Prime arghs! As the acid chainsaw rips through his armor down to the endoskeleton. For a moment he staggers, falling to one knee as the acid continues to burn deeper into his frame. "You'll find..." Prime gasps, "I've never..." he struggles, "... gotten by...." he twists. "On my looks!" Putting his entire body into the effort, Optimus slams upward with a massive double-uppercut at the undead leader.

>> Optimus Prime strikes Bad Mort with Double Uppercut. <<

>> Springer strikes Zombie Autobots with Bash. <<

As they are trained to, the Wreckers shift from their more defensive movements and dive into the middle of the horde, still trying to keep them grouped up and away from the humans but instead of using their ranged weapons revert to their fists and melee weapons as they all give the Wrecker battlecry, "WRECK 'N RULE!", giving up defending themselves to do what damage they can.

Tyla erks and then laughs at the damage and pain dealt to her by her former lover. "Oh, sweetheart," she purrs drippingly. "Words hurt, you know." With a sickening shriek of tearing steel, Tyla transforms back into her hover ATV mode. "You're just mad I didn't return your last gift. Here," she offers. "Have these." He raises her rocket rack and unloads a missile directly at Springer's beautiful face.

Tyla transforms into a Hover Rover SUV.

>> Tyla critically strikes Springer with Rocket! <<

The tangle, from the ungodly merging of the Protectobots and the Predacons, and the claw slash of Abrutibominus, it looks like a massive dryer cycle of destruction, zombified metal parts falling around. Fortress Maximus stumbles and trips over Predafensor (thanks to First Aid's knockout punch) - causing him to crush Predafensor's faceplate with his boot. Fortress Maximus turns around, grappling with Abrutibominus. As he stammers backward, stepping over Predafensor's body, he grabs ahold of Abrutibominus's neck, and tries to faceplant the gargantuan harbinger of destruction into the ground as he falls himself (Jake the Snake DDT-style). "I shall never....FADE!"

>> Fortress Maximus strikes Abrutibominus with Bash. <<

Abrutibominus is moving in for a second attack when the gyro-gun strikes it, causing it to pause in its tracks. Disorientation swirls in its head as Fortress Maximus' attack connects. With a scream of rage, Abrutibominus opens fire with every weapon it has.

>> Abrutibominus misses Fortress Maximus with Cannon <Medium>. <<

First Aid blinks in surprise as the abomination made up of predacons and his brothers goes down. He turns his laser towards the second one made of Combaticons, Terrorcons and pure evil. "I'm not going to let you take him down."

>> First Aid misses Abrutibominus with Laser <Medium>. <<

Scales ducks to one side from the flaming fist that flails her way, and feels as well as sees the empty space beside her when Crosscut gives ground. The little dragon turns and slashes a claw in the direction of zombie Skids, sparing a glance back to make sure the humans are alright.

>> Scales strikes Zombie Autobots with Claw. <<

Daniel and Carly do double-work, shielding a freaking out Megan, and trying to keep the other handful of human visitors down and protected.

Skids lurches forward suddenly, throwing off Crosscut's attack. He turns slightly as Scales claws him, and slashes down at her in return, blocking burning Bluestreak and giving Crosscut a moment to recover.

Outback and Tracks fall back from the Wreckers' combined assault, successfully driven back. Between Crosscut, Scales, and the Wreckers, the humans beneath the deck seem safe for now.

>> Zombie Autobots strikes Scales with Slash. <<

Monstructor's voices echo across the battlefield, "Ah, the living - such a succulent dish." It takes a moment to realize, but the creature never actually spoke. The voices were all in your head. And the more you look at it, the more it seems to be casting too many shadows - shadows which reach out toward you with clawed hands!

>> Monstructor attacks Crosscut, Springer, Optimus Prime, Fortress Maximus, First Aid, Scales, and Swindle with Drain Life, striking Swindle, Scales, and Optimus Prime. <<

Raoul looks over, panicked, as Sparkplug has trouble breathing. "You're right. You're right. Are you OK? Do we need to make a break for it?" he asks worriedly. He and several other humans are hiding under a deck that had been built for a funeral here in the Grand Canyon. The four caskets, however, have been broken open from inside, and the dead walk, bolstered by several undead combiners. It's... not good.

Bad Mort grunts as the twin fists catch his jaw, dislocating it. The deadite gurgles as he attempts to reply to Optimus, finally reaching up and forcing the mandible back into place. "You're gonna pay for that." Black lightning begins to crackle across his form as he taps into his Sith roots, arcing the dark forces across the battlefield.

>> Bad Mort misses Optimus Prime with Lightning <High>. <<

Sparkplug shakes his head and grabs his chest. "No...I'm fine...I'm fine..." He looks on and pats Raoul weakly. "You forgot...I've been though these things before." But his weakened hand continues to grasp Raoul's, hoping Raoul won't go, but understanding if he needs to help others.

Swindle feels the life being sucked out of him and he doesn't like it, no sir. Not one damn bit. "Slag this," he says to himself, falling back on the wisdom of The Gambler and turning to run, not walk, away from this fight. Let the Autobots take care of it, there's more of them here anyway.

>> Swindle retreats from the area, leaving himself open to Trojan, Monstructor, Tyla, Bad Mort, First Aid, Crosscut, Springer, Fortress Maximus, Optimus Prime, and Starlock. <<

Crosscut is next to Scales in front of the deck under which the humans are hiding. Together with a couple of Wreckers, they are holding back the resurrected remains of Skids, Bluestreak, Outback and Tracks. Crosscut is sitting on the deck awkwardly, holding a rifle. He winces and nods to Scales. "I got -" Then Monstructor does... something... and Crosscut feels like he just lost several million years of his life. "I -" he gasps. "I got this." He flips out a holdout gun built into his wrist, and fires into the small group of animated Autobots.

>> Crosscut strikes Zombie Autobots with Vertigo Gun <Medium>. <<

Springer steps into the attack, his arms coming up in a crossing fashion as he takes the rocket volley directly and slaps of his armor are dented, cratered or just outright blown off, "No gift was even given to you, whatever you may think, whatever you may /want/... you are not her, never have been, never will be. And if words hurt? Then may sticks and stones.. and swords hurt even more!" After the last of rockets land he moves his hands back into a fighting position, clasping his sword tightly as he crouches down just a bit and springs forward, swinging at Tyla in a swing that any golfer would be proud of.

>> Springer misses Tyla with Light-Saber. <<

Black lightning lances over Optimus Prime's frame, but after being drained by Monstructor, it only seems to fuel his anger. "The deaths of those who serve under me has been payment enough. This ends here, Mortar. No longer will you threaten this world or any other with your undead armies." Prime bends down and retrieves his Pathblaster. "It's over, Mort," he says finally. Prime aims his rifle and attempts to simply execute his nemesis.

>> Optimus Prime misses Bad Mort with Pathblaster <High>. <<

Tyla laughs and flips around as Springer attacks, transforming back into robot mode and dropping under his swing. "Swords?" she asks tauntingly. "How about claws?" Remaining crouched, she slashes up at Springer with rusty nails, attempting to rake across his broad chest and possibly infect his energon with something bad as well. After this he'll definitely need his shots.

>> Tyla misses Springer with Slash. <<

Fortress Maximus lumbers to his feet, narrowly missing Abrutibominus's attack. He grasps his energy sword again, quickly becoming Fortress Maximus' go-to weapon of choice. He swings it, intent on slashing right at Abrutibominus's chest. "No more cheap shots!"

>> Fortress Maximus critically strikes Abrutibominus with Master Sword! <<

Abrutibominus screams in pain as the sword slices through armor and framework. Balling up a fist, the mismatched combiner levels a plasma cannon at Fortress Maximus. Black shadows begin to weave a latice over the sword wound, pulling armor plates back together...

>> Abrutibominus misses Fortress Maximus with Plasma <High>. <<

It cometh.

A mechanical bellow from beyond splits the sky in a terrifying clamor. Somewhere out there, ancient metal grated and groaned. Antediluvian servos and sprockets whined and pitched. Whatever came this way, was coming fast, and the dust cloud that blotted out the horizon was immense. And when it finally came to a literal screeching halt, the colossal shadow shrouded in earthy debris lanced up like the great Leviathan, arced to strike, eerie, narrowed optics bleeding an irradiated green. Her massive maw distended.

Starlock comes blitzing in to the scene behind Trojan, seeing the dead walking /very/ much angers her, not to mention at a funeral to her fallen comrades! but she doesn't express it. (That and in shuttle mode, no one can really see her face) She takes a deep vent though, knowing the best thing to do right now, is attempt to properly put them down.

Scared though? Maybe a little, she's always had to deal with injury and death in her field of work on the field and in the medical bay.. Her first thought was to bust out her staves scythe blade function, but that was... Well, a little bit to on the nose for this situation, however given orders ... She nods internally to herself, and transforms from her run-about space mode to a familiar, small, purple mini-bot medic who is blitzing a cross the ground with the help of her purple colored pede boosters, she quickdraws a beton from her belt, pressing a button as it extends out as a stave, and an electrical energy made scythe blade.

She wings it forward to those harassing the humans with as much force as she can, medica-battle mask in place, but golden optics blazing.

>> Starlock strikes Zombie Autobots with Novapole. <<

>> Zombie Autobots temporarily loses motor functions from the attack! <<

First Aid Sees backup arrive and turns to fire on the zombie Autobots. "Make a path away from the humans. We have to let rescue teams through!"

>> First Aid strikes Zombie Autobots with Laser <Medium>. <<

Scales finds herself paying for the look back as zombie Skids tears open armor, and then it's followed by an icy chill through her frame as energy is just leached away. She staggers under the double attack- there's no way she can hold this position now. The little tape scrambles away from the zombies, darting through the humans to carefully snag Megan and bolt with the smallest, most vulnerable Witwicky towards the closest safe hiding place. "C'mon!" she calls to Daniel and Carly. Time to go.

>> Scales retreats from the area, leaving herself open to Starlock, Trojan, Monstructor, Abrutibominus, Tyla, Bad Mort, First Aid, Crosscut, Springer, Fortress Maximus, Optimus Prime, and Dust Devil. <<

Carly yells at Daniel "Go with Scales, I'll get the others!"

Daniel turns around and says "But mom - "

Carly then yells back "Do as I say! Protect your sister!" She then runs back and helps the others into the rescue vehicles. She's determined to be the last human to leave.

The zombie Autobots, never very steady on their feet in the first place, weave even more unsteadily after Crosscut blasts them with his Vertigo Gun. Skids turns back to Crosscut, raising a foot to bring it down on the Autobot ambassador before he can get back up. In the meantime, Bluestreak, still on fire, turns to pound Scales again now that Skids is out of the way. Behind them, Tracks and Outback continue to tangle with Scoop and Flattop.

However, before they can act, the Autobot reinforcements tear into them, giving Crosscut a moment to recover and Scales a chance to escape with Megan in tow. As First Aid's laser burns into the zombies, Flattop and Scoop press the attack, driving them further from the humans.

Monstructor inhales deeply as it absorbs the life force of several of the Transformers. It speaks again in that mentally jarring way. "Delicious," its five voices echo through the backs of everyone's minds where the shadows lie. "Who's next?" Its optics focus on the other abominable horror on the battlefield... no, not Abrutibominus. Monstructor doesn't take kindly to another eldritch horror on the field, and the shadows reach out to engulf her.

>> Monstructor strikes Trojan with Madness <Medium>. <<

Dust Devil is definately not sure about the mode of transport but it got him here quickly and doesn't smell too bad. He peeks his head out of the container and his optics widen, "Holy slag...." He is pretty much just a parasite on the side of Trojan. But this parasite is all for commensalism, seeing Monstructor attacking Trojan, he fires on him and holds onto Trojan for dearlife with his other hand.

>> Dust Devil strikes Monstructor with Plasma-Turrets <Medium>. <<

Raoul is under a deck that was built for the funeral of Outback, Tracks, Skids, and Bluestreak. Now, however, those recently deceased Autobots have risen again and are attacking Raoul, Sparkplug, and the other humans who had attended the ceremony. Raoul stays with Sparkplug, holding his aged hand in encouragement. "You're right," he says to Sparkplug with a smile. "You got this," he grins.

Bad Mort would be honored to be thought of as Prime's nemesis. Take that, Megatron! But for now, he's just interested in devouring the Autobot leader's soul. "Nice try, Prime, but I'm not going out that easy. I like it here!" The undead ruler's jaw unhinges again, but intentionally this time. Tendrils of darkness arc between his jaws as wind begins to be drawn into Bad Mort's gaping maw. The black tendrils reach out toward Optimus as Bad Mort draws closer.

Sparkplug turns his head, from where he's laying, he can see the small cluster of humans run toward the emergency vehicles. He looks back at Raoul and pats his arm. "Go...son...I'm fine..." He nods. "Get to safety."

>> Bad Mort misses Optimus Prime with Soul-Swallow. <<

"OK!" Crosscut yells, jumping to his feet. "OK! OK! You go, Scales! I'll cover you!" Crosscut stands on the deck and brings both wrist weapons together. "You leave my friends alone!" he shouts, losing his legendary calm. "You are not Skids. YOU ARE NOT SKIDS!" Crosscut opens fire with both wristguns, pouring firepower into the collection of reanimated zombies.

>> Crosscut strikes Zombie Autobots with Double-Blaster <Medium>. <<

>> Springer misses Tyla with Leap-Attack. <<

Springer shifts as Tyla attacks with her claws again one moving just quick enough to knock her blow up and away from his chest, "Claws? Those overgrown fingernails? Seen real claws, felt real claws... those things are not claws." He moves quickly, his blocking hand shifting as he tries to grab her wrist as he half leans to the side, jumping up and spinning in place just enough to try land a solid kick at her shoulder.

The handful of Wreckers continue their attmepts to keep the undead minions corraled, putting themselves in line to be hit if and when necessary.

Optimus Prime scrambles back as the Evil attempts to overwhelm him. "You may like it here, Mortar, but you are decidedly unwelcome. We'll fight you, and your abominations, and whatever else you throw at us!" Optimus Prime gestures and from out of subspace rolls his trailer. With another motion, the trailer flips open, becoming a mobile base. Finally, the mounted Plasma Cannon rises from the center of the base. "You've overstayed your welcome, Mortar," Prime says simply, and fires the cannon.

>> Optimus Prime strikes Bad Mort with Plasma Cannon <Medium>. <<

Tyla's wrist is grabbed and for a moment she's held in place while Springer does his leap spinning kick. At the last moment, however, Tyla simply detaches her arm, letting Springer have it and moving back out of range of her attack. "Ha!" she laughs tauntingly. "You've disarmed me!" With the other hand she reaches over her shoulder and draws her old Whirlwind Gun, now spiked and held together with riveted bands of metal. She pulls it down and aims it at the triplechanger's chest. "Hey, Springer," she says. "Blow."

>> Tyla misses Springer with Whirlwind-Gun. <<

From inside Fortress Maximus, Cerebros looks on in confusion as Abrutibominus seems to be doing this weird 'Liquid Terminator' thing, forming and repatching after their attack. "How is this even possible?" Spike looks on in dread. "I don't know, buddy, just keep hitting him!" Fortress Maximus' shoulder and shin panels open, pointing its laser cannons at the monstrosity. Fortress Maximus says "Try patching this up - "

>> Fortress Maximus strikes Abrutibominus with Plasma <Medium>. <<

Abrutibominus is not down yet, and is far too hungry to give up. With a scream of rage, the hotch-potch beast lunges up into the air, anti-gravity systems assisting as it leaps up and over Fortress Maximus. As the flight systems cut out, the creature plumets toward that triple-occupancy head, mismatched feet pointed straight down.

>> Abrutibominus strikes Fortress Maximus with Stomp. <<

Hold on for Dear Life, Dusty. For the Night is Dark and Full of Terrors, and falling while Trojan came to battle might not be good for his health. The avalanche of sand and suet cascaded well beyond Trojan's halt. Prime had given her the objective, and without hesitation, the colossal serpent of mechanical corpses gives charge... directly at the other monstrous horror on the battlefield. She does not bother with evading the lance of energy that struck along her ancient scales; there was no register of pain, nor fear - nor any of those things an average Cybertronian might feel. Instead, there was another mechanical banshee's wail from beyond the pale. She whipped that armored, spiked noggin of hers about like a morning star, completely intent on smashing the combiner's knee out from under him.

>> Trojan strikes Monstructor with Smashing-Ram. <<

Starlock's finials twitch hearing Crosscut, and takes a vent, calling back. "That's right! This isn't Skids! Skids died, and this is just some /monster/ controlling his body!" She'd call, trying to give him sort of comfort, and will to fight, as she swaps weapons, disengaging her scythe and quickdrawing her twin pistols, opening fire on the Zombies, as the purple-blur attempting to keep their attention from the humans, and on her.

>> Starlock strikes Zombie Autobots with Dual Starburst <Medium>. <<

First Aid nods "Right, Starlock." he says. "These aren't our friends. These aren't..what they look like." he says firing into the zombie horde. "Those weren't my brothers." He says. "Just keep them from the humans. Keep the smallest ones safe." He sees Scales moving Megan. "Thank Primus she's on it."

>> First Aid strikes Zombie Autobots with Laser <Medium>. <<

The zombie Autobots are surrounded and penned in by the Autobots, and for Crosscut it's like shooting Seacons in a barrel. His twin blasters tear into them in a most undiplomatic manner. Starlock and the Wreckers help, tearing into the undead Autobots with fire and fury. The burning Bluesteak starts to fall, while Skids, Outback, and Tracks lunge at Crosscut, First Aid, and Starlock.

>> Zombie Autobots misses Crosscut with Bite. <<
>> Zombie Autobots strikes First Aid with Bite. <<
>> Zombie Autobots strikes Starlock with Bite. <<

Monstructor's knee withstands the strike like an uncaring reality, and the pale face spreads into a grin. Monstructor's voices echo only for Trojan to hear, "Small creature, full of such life and sorrow..." It raises both hands, arms spread out wide as its too-many-shadows reach forward, "Join us in the darkness!"

>> Monstructor strikes Trojan with Darkness <High>. <<

Dust Devil is rattled around like a penny in a can for a moment as Trojan makes her presence known on the battlefield in a more impactful way. He stifles a Yelp and pops out of the container he's in. But that's just as Monstructor hits Trojan with the inkblot from Unicron. He isn't struck by it but the hit was jarring. He focuses his energy on Monstructor again, using both turrets this time. "Lay off her slagger!"

>> Dust Devil strikes Monstructor with Plasma <Medium>. <<

"I'm not leaving you, anciano," Raoul insists with a smile. "We both stay, or we both go. Now come on." Scrabbling to his feet, Raoul attempts to get Sparkplug up and moving, trying to get them both to safety.

>> Raoul retreats from the area, leaving himself open to Starlock, Trojan, Monstructor, Abrutibominus, Tyla, Bad Mort, First Aid, Scales, Crosscut, Springer, Sparkplug, Fortress Maximus, Spike, Optimus Prime, and Dust Devil. <<

>> Sparkplug retreats from the area, leaving himself open to Starlock, Trojan, Monstructor, Abrutibominus, Tyla, Bad Mort, First Aid, Scales, Crosscut, Springer, Raoul, Fortress Maximus, Spike, Optimus Prime, and Dust Devil. <<

Bad Mort's frame is bathed in plasma fire. He staggers to a knee, reaching into a hip compartment. He draws the dimensional controller, "You might have won this battle, Prime... but I'll be back!" With that said, he clicks a button on the Dimensional Channel Changer. With a hideous groan, the swirl of the vortex slows and begins to reverse itself. Wind and debris swirl into the rift as it begins to pull the nearest Deadites into it. Bad Mort surrenders himself to the pull, cackling as he joins his minions in retreating to his own undead world.

>> Bad Mort retreats from the area, leaving himself open to Trojan, Monstructor, Abrutibominus, Tyla, First Aid, Scales, Springer, Fortress Maximus, Optimus Prime, and Dust Devil. <<

Sparkplug slowly pulls himself up. It's definitely a moving target scenario. He's weakly holding on to Raoul. But as they make their way out, he grabs Raoul and says "I'm too slow! We need someone to pick us up!"

From his raised position on stage, Crosscut sees the zombies swarm the other Autobots. "No no no no no!" he repeats, and dives in among them, swinging his fists and trying to drive the zombies back away from the medics.

>> Crosscut misses Zombie Autobots with Punch. <<

Springer continues his spin and manages to avoid Tyla's follow up attack by keeping himself in the air just long enough for it to pass under him and lands crouched on his feet, he darts to the side to recover from his attack before he smirks, "That's cute... your falling all apart over me." He glances down at the Dead Hag's arm in his hand.. at the Hag.. at the hand then back at her.. then simply shifts it in his hand till he is holding it behind the wrist and takes a step forward before he puts all he can into it and throws the clawed end back at her, "You dropped this."

>> Springer strikes Tyla with Throw. <<

"No! You will not escape again!" As Bad Mort flees, Prime fires one last shot from his laser cannon...

>> Optimus Prime strikes Bad Mort with Laser Cannon. <<

Bad Mort is overcome by injuries, losing consciousness.

Tyla's arm is violently returned to her and she uses the momentum to jump backward, activating her anti-gravity and flying back towards the portal. "I take my arm with me, Springer, but my spark will always remain with you... Just remember... this is our future..." She blows Springer a kiss, and begins to disappear through the rift...

>> Tyla retreats from the area, leaving herself open to Trojan, Monstructor, Bad Mort, First Aid, Springer, Fortress Maximus, Optimus Prime, and Dust Devil. <<

  • BASH!* Abrutibominus' brutal stomp on Fortress Maximus jars the link-up between Spike, Cerebros and Fortress Maximus right from its casing. Spike is jarred from his position, Cerebros is flown from his, leaving Fortress Maximus open, but now in full control - for better or worse. He instinctively grabs his sword. Now, free from Cerebros' filter of sparing one's enemies. He grabs his energon sword and goes for one, lethal slice, right at Abrutibominus' juggular.

>> Fortress Maximus strikes Abrutibominus with Master Sword. <<

Abrutibominus is overcome by injuries, losing consciousness.

Abrutibominus's armor panels begin to unknit themselves as the sword strikes home, constituent parts disconnecting. However, they don't hit the ground. The otherworldly wind catches the limbs, drawing them back toward the world of the Deadites to an unknown fate, but surely one devoid of any hope.

Starlock grits her denta as she's bitten into, and wrenches herself out of their jaws. Good, their going down and returning, better late than never in arriving, at least in her mind. "Exactly Aid! Their trying to mess with your heads and your spark!" She'd call, stowing her pistols and drawing two hilts, pressing a button and igniting the energon blades of a pair of dual blades, and going into a spin to slash at the zombies surrounding her.

>> Starlock strikes Zombie Autobots with Dual Starstrike. <<

First Aid nods and looks to Scales. "Okay she's got the more vulnerable humans out. Let's get the rest out and call this done." with that he moves away from the zombies towards the humans. He transforms. "They're too busy with the warriors. I can drive you to safety."

Even as Bad Mort and his Evil retreat, the newly formed Autobot Zombies are left behind. They turn on Crosscut as he ineffectually leaps in to fight him, but before they can devour him piecemeal Starlock starts slashing into them. They move to swarm the medic... and then one by one they fall as the Evil abandons them, reverting them back to simply dead Autobots.

Monstructor roars aloud as the evil energy turns, gouging a hand into the soil. It speaks with its actual voice, which is little better than the five voices of the Monsters echoing through your mind. "NO! I don't want to go! It's so tasty here!" However, even its mighty grip can't withstand the pull of the vortex. A huge trench is dug into the ground as the combiner is drawn back toward its lifeless world.

>> Monstructor retreats from the area, leaving itself open to Springer, and First Aid. <<

Dust Devil manages to not get killed by Monstructor despite being in the middle of a monster battle...with real monsters. He turns to aim his weapons on Monstructor again but the ground starts swallowing him up. Dropping his weapon he moves to Trojan's head and places a hand on it, reciting some of the protection prayers that he picked up, unsure if it will help but at this point it couldn't hurt right? "Come on trojan...wake up...Please?!"

Crosscut realizes too late that leaping in among rabid zombies was probably a bad idea. Just before he's ripped to pieces, however, he's saved by Starlock's judicious use of her Dual Starstrike. He looks up with a mixture of appreciation and fear, flinching away from incoming counterattack. His optics widen, however, as instead of pressing their attack, his former friends fall to the ground, lifeless once more. He crawls to his feet, and turns to Starlock. "Thanks," he says simply.

Springer watches her retreat through the portal, a look of disgust at the blow kiss, "Retreat... run... hide. I will find you and end the horror show that you are." After she is a good distance away he turns back towards the fight but stops as the risen fall back down, watching them for a few moments to see if they rise again before he looks to his Wreckers and points at the newly fallen dead, "Gather them up and get them ready for burial.. what just happened cannot be ignored but they are still our fallen and will be shown proper respect." He pauses and glances at Prime, "With your permission?"

Optimus Prime lowers his weapon, looking around at the damaged, but living, Autobots around him. "Permission granted, Springer. The rest of you, excellent work. The Evil is gone for now, but we must stay vigilant because one day... it will return."

One by one, the Deadites are drawn back through the vortex. Loose dirt and blasted debris as sucked through as well. As the final zombie is sucked through, the swirling darkness begins to disipate. The shadows disolve into the ether as sun breaks through the clouds overhead.

Fortress Maximus takes a few breaths. The adrenaline is still pumping through Spike, and Crosscut is plenty freaked out. Now that things have slowed, Fortress Maximus transforms back to his battlestation mode. Him needing his first combat repair. Cerebros climbs out of the panel and climbs down to one of the ramps. Once on the ground, he activates his head panel and gets Spike out.

Scales teaches Megan to sing "Space Unicorn" while they wait for the all-clear. >.>

Starlock pants as she comes to a stop and looks down at the corpses, just now silently taking in the mess that was the area as she extinguished the energy blades of her dual blades, and slipped the hilts back to their place on her belt, she looks down at the bite wound she received and slaps a field patch over it... Right first off, she goes to see to the injured, she looks to Crosscut and nods. "Course.." She'd pant heavily, trying to ignore the anxiety mounting form the bite.

She'd start taking count of injuries on her readout monitor panel in her left forearm. "Right! Those injured I'll get to ya'." She'd call, glancing down at the dead, giving a respectful nod.. she can't stop to tend to them just yet, needed to be sure not more were added to their numbers.

First Aid returns from making sure the humans are driven someplace safe. It's only then that the ambulance trnasforms. "Okay.. anyone critical?" His hands are shaking but hes trying to compose himself.

Fortress Maximus groans from his interior.

>> Starlock finishes the repairs on Fortress Maximus. <<

From the lower platform where it may just be him and Raoul, Sparkplug waves his hand and calls out weakly "Over here, First Aid!" Sparkplug is uninjured, but his elderly form has been through a lot today.

Dust Devil is still staying by poor Trojan, not sure what's going on with her. He looks her over and looks back at the others.

Scales sits with Megan and Daniel, quietly distracting Megan with games and songs while they wait to see if it's over. She did stop long enough to wrap where she was slashed, but she's too drained to really move much more right now.