Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: You Asleep Again?

Characters: Eaglebeast, Goth, Kitakaze Solon

Location: Goth's Lab - Acropolis - North Altihex

Date: November 14, 2021

TP: Liege Maximo TP

Summary: Solon visits Goth again in his lab.
'As logged by Solon - Sunday, November 14, 2021, 9:46 PM

Goth's Lab - Acropolis - North Altihex

Once passed the metal doors, it leads into a large metallic room with dim lighting, and a large computer that looks to have been hand build from mainly Cybertronian technology. Other lab equipment is scattered and set up through the room, matching the computer in being a mainly that of Cybertronian tech, In front of it is a rather comfortable chair, clearly meant to hold a bot much larger than Goth's beast-alt.

Upon the large metal desk in which the computer and it's systems sit, is a damaged digital photo of a quartet of Beast-former bots, all in their robot modes together... A much more modern digital Photo of Goth with a sand colored mech, with red optics, Datapads, half-finished drones, a stack of radios, and other half-finished projects litter the table.

A trained optic (Or eye) may notice a growing selection of Alien tech and tools scattered about the lab and table, A cooler with a lock on it... There's also a medical slab, clearly not for resting in, off in one of the open spaces of the room with a small table.

Looking up at the ceiling, once one got past the dim lighting, would reveal sturdy, metal rafters, clearly meant to support a heavy weight hanging off them, as well as support for the ceiling.

However, off to the corner a nest of pillows from varying alien cultures, is noticeable:

        * One is bright, candy red with a golden rose pattern on it.


Goth is once more, a tired wreck, maybe even a bit more as he lays in his pillow nest, thankfully back there after ending up too exhausted in the desert, and Deathsaurus had to carry him back.

When you really need relaxation and rest, who do you want most to visit? Why, a hyperactive teenage boy, of course! There is an eagle's cry outside, accompanied by the sound of metal wings. Something large pecks at the door, and then the code pad is activated - why did Goth give him the code again? The door opens to Goth's lab, and Kitakaze Solon strides in, followed by a mechanic eagle that's bigger than he. "Hey, Goth!" Solon yells loudly. "You asleep again?"

Goth covers his ears and lets out a groan in protest and glances up. "Please niño, do not yell..." He'd sigh, pushing himself up. "And.. no, not been able to rest so i am mostly just attempting to conserve what energy I can by being at rest." He'd explained, he did look tired, ears drooped.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" Solon says apologetically, lowering his voice immediately and making a 'shushing' sound to Eaglebeast, who actually hasn't made a sound since they entered the lab. Solon turns back to Goth. "I'm sorry you have not been able to rest, Ookoumori-sensei," Solon replies sadly. "Is there anything I can do to help? Are there soothing lullabies on your world I could play? I've been trying to learn the cyberbass...."

Goth made a face, unsure what that meant, his processors slowly looking through his language files. ...Oh. "I think you mean Okomori." Goth says after a long pause, before sighing a running his hand down his optic.

"No.. No, I do not think so, this is... I do not know how to explain it, but I do not think it is anything that we can solve ourselves." Let alone anyone else, but he wasn't going to say THAT aloud.

Solon nods, suddenly looking glum. He sits, placing his chubby-cheeked face on his closed fists. "I wish I could help you, Komori-sensei," he corrects himself, meaning to say, 'Doctor Bat', but instead saying, 'Mister Babysitter'... fittingly. He sighs, but then suddenly jumps to his feet. "Well, if I can't HELP, then maybe I can DISTRACT you!" he announces loudly. "How goes work on King Solon?" Not mercenary at ALL, this one.

Goth makes a face, he was going to need to make sure this child didn't catch Deathsaurus's pention for using random Japanese, and using it wrong, but it really wasn't his... well, dialect, his accent and way of speaking was already a horrid amalgamation of human Spanish and cybertronain and Eukrian.

"Ah... Hakase okomori." Goth says, before signing, truthfully this process alone was exhausting. Goth then gives the boy a raised brow and a slight look of 'really?' before shaking his helm. "I can't work like this.. It is... far too dangerous." Goth muses.

"What's wrong?" Solon asks in distress. "Should we come back later?"

Goth sighs. "Ghosts, nightmares." goth humphs, not to happy with the conclusion. "keeping me from resting."

Solon nods again, lowering his voice. "Well, you rest, Doctor Goth," he says, quietly. "Eagle and I will watch over you and keep you safe."

Eaglebeast curls up next to Goth's pillow next, and Solon cuddles up under his wing. Together, they keep Goth company while he tries to sleep.

Goth is perplexed for a moment, confused even but.. well.. he doesn't really want to shoo them away, its.. a nice comfort to have currently given his circumstances, and reluctantly, welcomes it as he curls up there with the two.