The Wreckers are a special task force, generally composed of the best and the toughest die-hard fighters around. The Wreckers tend to be a close-knit combat unit that consider themselves the best of the best. They're often called in to fight when the odds of success are slim.

Because of this, they tend to burn through their roster at a frightening rate.

Never a dull moment when you're a Wrecker. — Broadside


The initial roster of the Wreckers consisted of Impactor (the leader), Wheeljack (original XO), Bulkhead, Roadbuster, Valve, Whirl, Twin-Twist, Topspin and Rack'n'Ruin. Valve defected to the Decepticons, and the Wreckers were later joined by Broadside, Sandstorm and Springer (who became the team's leader after Impactor's death), and still later Arx, Devcon, Flattop, Hummer, Inferno, Moonracer, and Subsea.

Xaaron's Wrecker Autobot resistance troops have operated out of a secret Autobase in Kalis since the year 1987. Wreckers on Cybertron report to Kup; those on Earth report to Ultra Magnus.

Tripwire joined in 2015 after the destruction of the Kimia.

In 2016, Hubcap and Scoop were invited to join the Wreckers.

Known members:

Honorary members


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Shattered Glass



In the Shattered Glass universe, Rodimus was leader of the Wreckers, and the only one to survive when they were wiped out in Praxus-Delta by the Mayhem Suppression Squad.
  • Impactor
  • Rack'n'Ruin
  • Tap-Out
  • Topspin
  • Twin Twist

Springer quit the Wreckers before the slaughter - Broadside and Sandstorm were never members.

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