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Wraith is a G.I. Joe pilot. For the Cobra, see Mercenary Wraith.
Personal information
Real Name

Heather O'Leary-Fine


Houston, Texas




Heather O'Leary

Military information
Service branch

United States Air Force

Primary MOS

Fixed Wing Pilot

Secondary MOS

Starfighter Pilot


O-4 - Major (Maj.)


F-117A Nighthawk, Starfighter, Skystriker XP-14F

Organizational information

GI Joe


Star Brigade

Shot through the heart, and you're to blame, darling, you give love, a bad name! (sung)

WRAITH is a very serious woman, who has a chip on her shoulder and always tries to either be in the air, or arranging to be in the air. She flies attack jets for GI Joe with considerable skill. She’s considered one of the 'rocks' of the Joes for her serious nature. People, especially the pranksters, try to get her to lighten up but it’s not an easy thing to do. Her unofficial codename was Ice Queen for the first year in the force, but then, her competence was proven and they forgot about how cold she was. Now she is accepted as she is, but still her teammates wish she'd lighten up a bit.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Born Heather Elizabeth O'Leary on April 1, 1975.

She was a shy, and lonely child. Her parents were both in the Military, and she spent most of her childhood moving around from one Military base to another.

She excelled at school, but was never in the popular crowds, due to her constant moving. The only constant in her school life were either Choir, or if there was not a choir, the Glee Clubs. When she turned 15, however, her parents finally settled down, after her mother retired from the Army. She was finally able to attend her last three years of High School at the same school. She mad a few friends, mostly other outsiders, as she had been throughout school. She graduated third in her class, and she did it on purpose. The top two graduates had no choice but to give speeches at graduation, while her spot let her decide not to. She feared public speaking, so at Graduation, she chose to sing the National Anthem, and the School Song.

Upon graduation, she was quickly accepted into the Air Force Academy, where she studied Electrical Engineering, and decided to become a pilot. Her shy persona was forced into the background, as she had to learn to become a leader. She made many friends at the Academy, and many of them would mention that she seemed like two different people. During class, or in Flight Training, she became a serious, confident woman, who could do anything she set her mind to. However, when in a social situation, she was shy, awkward, and spoke without thought, letting her inner secrets out without a care, and also, when faced with something she founf uncomfortable, she would withdraw into herself, and she rould return to stuttering when she spoke.

Not long after graduating from the Air Force Academy, after being Commisioned in the Air Force, she had to make a choice, allow her shyness to hold her back, and take up something like Cargo Plane flying, or go for what she wanted, and become a Fighter Jet Pilot. She started using her Pilot Persona more often, until even those closest to her, did not know that inside, she was a shy, socially awkward person. Instead, she gained the reputation of being a cold and distant woman, whose only passion was singing and flying.

This new personality led her to become a highly respected pilot. She crossed trained on any aircraft she could, and soon became an Expert on the F-117 Nighthawk. She flew this craft well enough, that when the Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit started to see more common use, in the Early 2000's, she volunteered to undergo training for it, and became one of only 50 trained pilots cabale of flying it. However, she was one of the reserve pilots, as only 21 B-2's were ever built, and each had 2 pilots assigned. She was instead, recruited by G.I. Joe, and joined the Joes in 2002. Her callsign of 'Banshee' was replaced, quickly, by other pilots, as 'Ice Queen', for her distant and serious personality. However, after three or four Combat Missions, she gained another callsign, which became her permenant CodeName. Her signing in the middle of a fight sounded like ghostly screams, and her wingman dubbed her "Wraith". This name stuck, and soon, she could not escape it.

MUX History:

Wraith's F-117A Nighthawk has been upgraded with Transformer technology at Edwards Air Force Base. This lead the Decepticons to try and destroy the base.

Wraith engaged three Insecticons, smashing them into wreckge, causing Wisp to give her a new callsign, of 'Bug Spray'.

In 2007, during the events that sent many Joes and Cobras back into the past, she was instructed to fly a close recon over the area where the time travel had happened. It was during this flight that she was exposed to temporal energy, that caused her to cease aging, something that has happened to many other Joes.

Lately, she has been seen in the company of Sci-Fi, on a more social of engagement. As in, a dating type of arangement.

She flew an F-35 Lightning II into combat against the Decepticon Arctic Facility, causing Damage to Scourge, before having her jet torn apart around her. She was picked up by Evac's Search and Rescue team, taken back aboard the USS Flagg, and treated for Hypothermia. After the bout of Hypothermia, she was unable to keep up her Pilot Persona all the time, and her socially awkwardness started to come out more and more.

In October of 2021, after many years of not knowing where Sci-Fi had been posted or why he never contacted her, she considered their relationship over, and tried to move on. However, almost immediately, Sci-Fi returned, but she was unwilling to be hurt like she had been, again, and still called off the engagement. She attempted to return the engagement ring, but Sci-Fi refused to accept it.

In November, she met Concealer, and they bonded, to become good friends. This bonding, also lead to her attempting to assist in the Starfighter's repair, and she also planned to be the test pilot. On December 28th of 2021, Wraith was promoted to Major to assist with Joe command in Countdown and Hawk's absense.

In 2022, Wraith was assigned to Star Brigade.

In late January of 2022, Wraith publicly announced her engagement to Sci-Fi.

On February 11, 2022, Heather married Sci-Fi.




Apr 16 - Raven

TO: G.I. Joe Medical, G.I. Joe Command Staff
FROM: Captain Heather 'Wraith' O'Leary
RE: Raven

I had not seen that Raven was, as of yet, cleared to be out of Medical, and now, I can not find him on or near the Pit. He is not responding to Radio Calls.


April 19 – “The Looking Glass Breaks

Ebony Returns to the SG world, Scarlett's Cover is broken in the SG-Pit, General Flint is killed, Scarlett is rescued!

August 6th - "These are the voyages..."

Phase-Ar arrives on Earth and gets his first introduction to intelligent and perhaps not-so-intelligent life...

August 6 - IC Report

TO: Joe Command, Joe Flight Ops, Flagg Command, Keel-Haul
FROM: Captain Heather 'Wraith' O'Leary
RE: Seattle Cybertronian Sighting

Lifeline might be better able to explain, but while on a routine patrol over the Southern United States, I responded to a call from Lifeline that there was a Battle going on in Seattle between Two Cybertronians.

  • Insert Gun Camera Footage of Phase-Ar planting a Bat'leth in Sg-Growler's head*

I responded, but before I got involved, the hostile retreated. Other than that, there is nothing to report.




Nov 23 - Arctic Assault

The combined air and naval forces of GI Joe, Cobra, and the Autobots stage their assault on the Decepticons' Arctic heating apparatus


  • January 13 - "Winter Rescue Mission" - Ace pilots a Hercules on a rescue mission over some of the worse-hit parts of North America, with a cargo bay full of Joes, emergency food and medical supplies.


Aug 07 - Kamakura Report

TO: All Joes
From: Wraith
RE: Kamakura: After Action Report

On Aug 3, 2021 Kamakura reported that there was a Cobra Operative, Code Name Artemis, that was threatening to shoot up someplace, in Texas. He went to intervene, and I offered to put together a reaction and medical team in response. I gathered Greenshirt Infantry Squadron 759 and Greenshirt Medical Team 5, and piloted an Osprey to a location outside of Waco, Tx, to the spot of the Church of the Coiled Serpent. When we arrived, Artemis had escaped, the building had started to burn, and Kamakura was in real bad shape. We brought Kamakura back to the Pit, and the medical teams began work on him.

Captain Heather 'Wraith" O'Leary

Aug 20 - Report

TO: All G.I. Joe Operatives
FROM: Captain Heather "Wraith" O'Leary
RE: Strange Message and Alaska Recovery

Sometime after 2100 Local Pit Time, the Communications department received a rather strange message. It said that Scarlett was injured, and in need of immediate Medevac. It also gave coordinates. These Coordinates led me to a small, unnamed settlement, North of Fort Yukon, just inside the actual Arctic Circle. There was not much in this settlement, except a few house, and what appeared to be a bar. I set my Tomahawk down just outside the bar, as it appeared to be the only place with people running away from it. When I got inside, I found Scarlett, severely beaten, with a single gunshot wound, a series of bruises all over her body, a massive blunt force trauma, of some kind to the temple, and what the medics said appeared to be broken ribs. We quickly brought Scarlett back to the Pit, and left her in the hands of the Doctors. On a side note, I haven't seen Scarlett in this bad of shape since she was paralyzed by Over Kill, many years ago. I think we should investigate just what happened in this settlement, and find out who would be able to take her down without being in serious enough shape to not need a rescue themselves.


Dec 28 - RE: Operation Stellar Catapault

TO: G.I. Joe Command Staff, G.I. Joe Air Command
From: Captatin Heather "Wraith" O'Leary
CC: Cloudburt, Concealer
RE: Operation Stellar Catapult

I have read the technical Specs on the Starfighter, and I believe it can be flown by someone without specialized implants, as from what I can tell, the implants were for use in Upper-Atmospheric Dog Fighting. However, just to fly the craft should not require any specialized skills. And once the craft reaches space, the controls are not going to be as responsive as it would inside the atmosphere.

On that note, I volunteer to take the craft up, once it has been fully prepped for flight. If I run into any Cobra or Decepticon interference, I will kick it to full power, and head towards Space, where the special implants should not be needed to fight.

My reasoning behind why I should be the pilot, with Wisp away, and without having A Air Foreces Command Member in the cockpit, for the lack of their being 'expendable', I am likely the most experienced Pilot left, unless Ghostrider or Slip Stream are available. As such, I have the best chance, or the available pilots, to attempt to control the craft.

I await Command Authorization to begin Simulation Training, and for an initial Test Flight, as soon as the Starfighter is ready for its first flight.

Captain Heather 'Wraith' O'Leary


Jan 06 - IC Report

TO: All Joes
FROM: Major Heather "Wraith" O'Leary
RE: Radio Communications

As I am sure other people noticed, I recived a scrap of a radio message, that sounded like it was from The Nebulos team. More specifically, it sounded like Sci-Fi. We may need to get our Communications team on this. Find a way to boost our transmission into Space, and hopefully, regain contact with the team. Of course, with the distance, this communication could have been sent weeks ago.


Jan 12 - First Flight

TO: G.I. Joe Command, G.I. Joe Air Group, G.I. Joe R&D
FROM: Major Heather "Wraith" O'Leary
RE: Starfighter First Flight

At Aproxxamately 1600 hours, on 1/11/2022, the Starfighter launched from the Pit. I took the craft into Orbit of Earth, and than on a short trip to test out its flight capabilities. The flight took me to the Moon, and back. I was able to land the craft, near the Pit, but I overshot by like 100 miles.

I will include Gun Camera Footage of the flight, attached to this message.

The next step is to increase the range of the craft. I am thinking an external fuel system, to allow for the Internal Fuel Cells to be used after reeaching orbit, as the majority of the Internal Fuel Cells were used up in the take off. If R&D has any thoughts, let me know.

I am planning on teaching one or two others how to fly the Starfighter, and for her hardwork on the project, the first In-Flight Engineer on the next flight, will be Concealer.

  • attached are images of the flight from lift off, to the two earth orbital passes. Also close images of the Moon, including many of the far Side of the Moon, and finally, the rentry, which took the craft over the Gulf of Mexico, and Cobra Island.


Jan 13 - Second Test Flight

TO: Command, Air Group, R&D
FROM: Major Heather "Wraith" O'Leary
RE: Starfighter Second Flight

On the evening of Jan 12, 2022, the Starfighter successfully was test flown for the second time. This time with a Payload of two. Myself as the pilot, and Concealer was the Flight Engineer.

We successfully launched into orbit, but before too many manuevers could be preformed, we recieved a radio signal from Red Spot. I linked the Starfighter's communications system into a Satelitte broadcasting into Space. With it, Concealer was able to xcommunicate briefly with Red Spot. I am sure she will write up a report on what they discussed.

Shortly after that, we returned the Starfighter to the Surface, and it is refueled, and awaiting the next mission. My preference would be to find someplace to test out the weapons system, to ensure they are ready for combat. The biggest issue with the Starfighter is limited fuel. We are looking at multiple options for that, and I want R&D to see if Cybertronian Energon would help this issue. If not, we can look into assistance from NASA or the Jet Propulsion Lab.


Jan 15 - IC: After Action Report - Starfighter

TO: G.I. Joe Command. Nebulos Forces. Star Brigade. Air Forces.
FROM: Major Heather "Wraith" O'Leary
RE: After Action Report - Starfighter Test Flight 3

At Approximately 1600 hours, MST, I took the Starfighter on another test flight. The Intention this time was to see if I could extend the range to the Asteroid belt, beyond Mars, and test the Weapons Systems. Unfortuneately, Cobra had other intentions.
A Cobra Stellar Stiletto engaged me, just as I cleared Atmosphere. Thankfully, the first couple of targeting runs missed. I was able to engage the Weapons Systems, and they worked flawlessly. After some space dogfighting, and echanging many shots back and forth, I was able to have a missile destroy what appears to be the Stiletto's Vector Control and Engines. Last time I saw it, the Stiletto was on a course headed towards Deep Space, spinning out of control. I hated to leave that pilot to his fate, but with the speed it had already built up, and the fact that dogfighting takes up a lot of fuel, I did not pursue to attempt to rescue the pilot. I am not sure that is a fate I wish on anyone, including Cobra personnel.
The Starfighter took only minor damage, some fire damage to the rear section, some laser burns on the port main hull, and a long, jagged hole, from a missile, to the Starboard 'Wing'.

I was able to land the Starfighter, without incident, and it is currently undergoing repairs.

So, while not ideal, the Weapons Systems test was a success. It would also appear that the Starfighter is a match, as is, for Cobra's Stiletto. As pilots gain more experience, they will also be better pilots in the Starfighter, so perhaps having nueral implants are not needed to fly the Starfighter as effectively as Cobra does.


Jan 20 - IC Report

TO: All Joe Forces
FROM: Major Heather "Wraith" O'Leary
RE: Space Station Delta

As of 1/19/2022, at approximately 0600 PIT (Mountain) Time, Space Station Delta was returned to fully active status. When I restarted the system, a System A.I. came online. Previous reports did not indicate the A.I. as speaking, but it did. It started off by calling me Dave, and will not change that, no matter what I command it. It will address anyone else by Name, Rank, or Codename, as it sees fit, but I am Dave. So, because of that, I call the A.I. HAL, and it responds fine, to anyone that does so. It will also respond to Computer.

That aside, the Space Station is fully operational, and is ready for people to move in. There are a few issues, as it is only 1/4 Orbit away from the Cobra Space Station, and if they do not know already, Cobra will soon know that the Space Station is operational. I can not predict , axccurately, how they will react, but as they tried to intercept me in the Starfighter, at least once, I would hazard a guess that they will attempt something.

We will need to make Weekly supply runs, for Water and Food. HAL claims her can use Protien Powder, powderized Vegtables, and other ingridients to make healthy food, but I am going to imagine it will look like, and taste like, water mixed in powered eggs, or something similiar. There is enough storage in the main hold for a week's worth of food, for a maximum staff of ten personnel.

I have assigned HAL to begin monitoring the Internet, and any satelitte communications for any mention of Cobra or their intentions for our Space Station. While HAL is working on that, I have begun trying to align the antennae with the Warp Gate, to see if I can help our communications with the team on Nebulos. At present, the communications is clearer on the station, than on Earth. I think, with some assistance from a Communications Expert, we could arrange to have the station work as a comm relay.

We can not have a huge staff on the Station, but we do need a few people up here. The way I see it, if we had to, in an emergancy, I could evacuate a total of 5 people, in the Starfighter, if they sat almost on top of each other. That count includes me, the pilot. So my recommendation is a crew of no more than 5, including a Starfighter Pilot, of which I am the only fully trained one. A Flight Engineer, and perhaps a station engineer. They could be combined into one person. We will also need a communications expert. The other one or two slots could be filled by a Command Person, or, a person to man the station's weapons.

I await Command's directives.


Jan 21 - IC Medical Report

TO G.I. Joe Medical, G.I. Joe Command
FROM Greenshirt Doctor 51
RE: Major O'Leary, Wraith

Wraith was brought in to Medical, suffering Blood Loss, three bullet wounds to the chest, and massive Lacerations on her arms and Legs. Some of the lacerations had immbedded metal, almost like gerenade shrapnel.

I was able to stabilize her, patch up the worst of the cuts, and she is recovering in Medical for now. I do not know when she will be able to write a report about what happened, but I know she was in Maryland, at the NASA Facility that exploded.

Time will tell if she fully recovers or not.

Doctor 51

Jan 21 - Wraith almost becomes a Ghost

Wraith is visiting NASA, to learn about a New Communications System, when Cobra attacks to steal the tech for themselves.

Jan 22 - IC After Action Report

To: G.I. Joe Command, G.I. Joe Air Forces, G.I. Joe Star Brigade
FROM: Major Heather 'Wraith' O'Leary
RE: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Last night I went to Greenbelt, Maryland, to meet with a Dr. Garmin, at the Goddad Space Flight Center, run by NASA. This meeting was to discuss their newest Research Project, a Laser Communications System. This is a Light Speed Communication system, that will greatly decrease local Space Communications Lag, and could be sent through a Warp Gate, with Relays on either side, to extend the Range to at the very least, Nebulos. It would clearly transmit, and extend our instantanious transmission by a factor of at least 10. I did get a complete detailed report, and the USB drive in my Flight Suit, which I will get with Medical about, contains the entire set of building specs.

As the meeting came to an end, Cobra attacked the Facility. I am not sure who the operative was, but they did have a Cobra Symbol on their uniform. I tried to get Dr. Garmin to safety, by drawing the attack of this unknown female operative. We fought, and I know I shot her at least once, or twice, and landed a few punches. However, she disabled me, with multiple gun shots, a pistol smashed to my temple, and finally, a grenade. I am told I will be recovering for quite some time.

As I lay unconcious, the operative stole as much information as she could, and planted explosives in the building. I was able, after I regained conciousness, to crawl out of the Laboratory and into an Elevator. This saved my life. The explosives went off just as the elevator cleared the level, and when I got to the Lobby, it was in ruins. Specialist Concealer rescued me, returned me to the PIT, and the Doctors here saved my life.

I will send R&D the information on the USB, and I think Space Station Delta would be the best location to install the system, if it works. It would allow, with a series of satelittes, almost instantious communication around the world, and also, with the Station closer to the Warp Gate, it might help communicate with Nebulos, weither it is our team, or with the people of the planet, after our team has returned.

I will go over the information, and review it, while I am recovering. I will also use my down time, to work with any newer recruits, that might need my assistance, as long as they are willing to visit me in Medical. I do not expect to be out of Medical, except on short walks, for at least a couple weeks.


Jan 22 - IC Message

From: Wraith At: Sat Jan 22 20:13:06 2022
To  : Flint
Subject: IC Message


I know Concealer likely shouldn't have been flying last night, as I haven't gotten her trained up enough, but without her, I would be dead, so I am willing to forgive her. I ask you do the same, if you can.


Jan 25 - Medical Report

TO: G.I. Joe Star Brigade, G.I. Joe Command, G.I. Joe Medical
FROM: Greenshirt Doctor 51
RE: Wraith's Medical Status

Other than a small mishap with a pain medication dosage, Wraith is out of the woods from her injuries. If infection was going to set in, it would have done so by now. She is out of the woods, but there is still a long way to go before she will be fit for active duty.

We are going to allow her to sit up in bed, and if her legs can handle it, we may allow her to slowly begin to walk short distances. Mainly so she can use the restroom, or, with the assistance of a awheelchair, a trip to the Mess Hall, as the food there is... more diverse than what is gotten in Medical

If any of her Superior Officers would like an update, in person, or more information about her case, I am in Medical from 0700 to 1900 hours, on a daily basis.

Greenshirt Doctor 51

Feb 3 - Coffee Meeting

Wraith meets Spike Witwicky at a Coffee House to discuss something Important.

Feb 11 - Nerf Herding or a Nerd Wedding

Wraith and Sci-Fi get married, in Style?

Feb 12 - Announcement

TO: All Joes
FROM: Major Heather "Wraith" O'Leary-Finebr> RE: 2-11-2022br>

I know it was announced that it was coming, but I could not wait for him any longer. So Last night, Sci-Fi and myself were married. I know we did not invite anyone, other than a couple people, to come along, but that is my fault, more then Sci-Fi's. I wish I could say that I am sorry, but I was nervous enough with it just being 4 other people at the wedding. Having any more people there, and I might have fainted.

I am really sorry, as you all deserved a chance to have a party, and enjoy some well earned Rest and Relaxation. However, I did ask Roadblock and Gung-Ho to whip up a special meal for everyone. So hopefully you will forgive me.


Feb 23 - Scarlett Goes to Broca

Scarlett enters Broca, once again. This time, she brings company.

OOC Notes

She sings 80's and 90's 'hair band' songs in Combat, and sometimes she forgets her radio mic is open. She doesn't much care for Jem or most of the other 'all-female' bands, however.

  • Her SG counterpart might be codenamed Medusa.

Actress: Scarlett Johansson



WRAITH was created and is played by The-Baroness.

Preferred Vehicles

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Is this all there is?!!

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