Wolkekuckuckland is a country bordering Darklonia to the north and Romania to the south. It's known for its banking and industry.


Wolkekuckuckland is located in Eastern Europe


Python Patrol

In July of 1989, on assignment as military advisors to the country of Wolkekuckuckland, the Joes infiltrated the adjoining country of Darklonia, where Cobra was testing a new pythonizing system to make their vehicles and troops invisible to radar.

In April of 1994, while the G.I. Joe Armor-Bot and its Russian counterpart went up against a squad of robots on an asteroid, Cobra forces, aided by Destro and Zartan, planned an invasion of Wolkekuckuckland.

When Cobra Commander debated which nation he should attack next, Destro suggested Wolkekuckuckland, for its banking and industrial base, which could be converted to produce Cobra weapons.

Hawk and Stalker were in Wolkekuckuckland at the time, serving as military advisors for General Liederkranz and his assistant Wolfgang. Liederkranz explained that he is worried, as Cobra had taken over Borovia, which was only two countries away. The two countries in between were Trans-Carpathia and Darklonia.

Other Notes

  • Borovia borders Trans-Carpathia, Trans-Carpathia borders Darklonia and DeCobray Baronary in the Ukraine, and Darklonia borders Wolkekuckuckland. [1]
  • "Wolkekuckuckland" comes from wolke (cloud) kuckuck (cuckoo) - a reference to Aristophanes' 414 B.C. play Ornithes (The Birds), in which the city Cloudcuckooland (Νεφελοκοκκυγία) is built in the air above Greece.[2]


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  2. Cloudcuckooland's ruler thought he'd created a Utopia, but it was actually a brutal totalitarian regime. Today someone who is "living in cloud-cuckoo-land" is naive, unaware of reality or deranged in holding such an optimistic belief - such as Gen. Liederkranz's belief that having all his forces respond to every border alarm was a good idea.

Shattered Glass

In the Shattered Glass universe, Wolkekuckuckland is an actual near-utopia, thus far untouched by the war surrounding it.

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