The Snow Cat is a G.I. Joe vehicle.
Snow Cat
Machine information
Machine type

Partial tracked vehicle


Snow attack


Arctic environment assault

Weapon feature(s)

Shockwave missiles; Ski missiles

Military information
Service branch

US Army

Designated pilot / driver(s)

Frostbite; White Out

Organizational information

The Snow Cat is not the most electronically advanced vehicle in the G.I. Joe arsenal. In fact, it still relies more on plain old diesel engine power to get it through its mission. The control panels mostly connect to the missile weaponry and heating system and not much else. Maneuvering the machine is akin to driving a small truck. That's it. However, what it lacks in high-tech gadgetry, it more than makes up for dependability.


The Snow Cat is powered by a 9-liter 680 horsepower engine. It can reach up to 50mph on a cross country track and a range of up to 200 miles in full load. The off-road tires have one of the best traction that enable it to get through mud and snow. The four-wheel half-track would provide the rest of the balance. The front cab holds two persons, three if need be. There are several platforms around the vehicle that would enable it to carry and transport more men.

Its primary armament consists of the four Shockwave HE-27 missiles which are fired from a launcher on top of its back and two low-pressure ski-mounted Avalanche missiles.


Comics continuity


  • Tiger Force (1988)
The Snow Cat was repackaged as the Tiger Cat for the Tiger Force line. Repainted yellow with green tiger stripes and the missiles and torpedoes painted red. It is also sold with a Frostbite action figure.
  • Wolf Hound (2010)

Latest version of the Snow Cat, driven by Whiteout.


  • The Snow Cat is used in the Transformers Energon franchise as the vehicle mode of the eponymous Decepticon.

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