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This article is about the heroic Autobot cityspeaker - for her evil Shattered Glass counterpart, see Windblade (SG).

Windblade is an Autobot Cityspeaker from Caminus.


I am a child of the Titan Caminus. I am the cityspeaker for Metroplex. Both are my home. I have only begun to fight.

WINDBLADE is a youthful Transformer who puts duty and truth first, even when both are difficult. Her friends can get frustrated at times with the strength of Windblade's convictions, and some believe Windblade trusts too much. This may not be a worldview that can survive sharing a planet with Decepticons, and she may learn that at times she will have to choose between truth and duty. Windblade is a better-than-average swordswoman, but her claim to fame is her rare talent for communicating with dormant Titans, for which she bears the title of Cityspeaker. Like other Cityspeakers, her face bears the markings of Caminus.


Pre-MUX continuity

Before the war, Windblade was a smith on Cybertron, devoted to Solus and training to be a Cityspeaker. She had a few friends, notably a fellow Seeker called Starscream. He asked her for a favor, which she granted, unaware that he was also a Decepticon... and he ended up betraying her and doing massive damage to the city as a result. Hurt by this, she enlisted with the Autobots to fight against the Decepticons.

However, her heart wasn't in the fighting, and when the call went out for the Autobots to find other colonies, she joined with the colonists heading to what would become Caminus, establishing a small colony on that planet away from the war. The next million years faded by, as they lost contact with Cybertron and the War, the Decepticons never tracking down their homeworld.

TFUMUX continuity

Metroplex and Windblade

In 2017, through a Space Bridge malfunction, Windblade wound up on Earth, where she was greeted by Typhoon, Crosscut, and Spike Witwicky. During a later attack on Autobot City, she helped defend Metroplex from Decepticons.

In 2019, Windblade was made Acting Autobot City Commander.





  • 3/11 - "Disgruntled" - A day after the explosion over the communlink, everything is oddly

moving forward as if it's a normal day, with Leozak reporting to Deathsaurus.

A random assortment of helpers arrive.




Foreign names

  • Japanese: Windblade (ウインドブレード Uindoburēdo)
  • Mandarin: Fēngrèn (China, 风刃, "Windblade")

Voice Actor

  • Cate Blanchett



Windblade was adapted for the MUX by Alia. In 2020, Windblade was taken over by Agollo.


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