Faction: G.I.Joe
Species: Human
Rank: 1 - E-4/Spc/Army/Armor

The bigger they are, the louder they crash.

Wildcat, named after her old high school team and her fighting fury on the field, ended up joining the army for the thrill of handling heavy firepower and making loud explosions. There's nothing more enjoyable for her than to be rumbling down terrain blowing away Cobra tanks in a HAVOC. She loves to play with the latest vehicles and gadgetry. She has an unnatural knack for getting the most out vehicles and pushing them to their limits. She's had training in Infantry school, Advanced Infantry School, and Armor School. She's also a qualified expert in all sorts of artillery, including an assortment of handguns, machine guns including the M16A2, M4A1, and F2000, as well as the Dragon Anti-Tank Missile, LAW rocket, M-203, M-303, and M-79 Grenade Launcher.

Wildcat was last seen: Sat May 08 08:54:40 2004

Is this all there is?!!

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