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Wild Weasel
Personal information
Real Name








Military information
Service branch

Cobra Air Forces

Primary MOS

Fixed Wing Pilot

Secondary MOS

Ground Support Pilot


7 - Air Forces CO



Organizational information



Cobra Pilot

There's no place where G.I. Joe can run or hide when I'm flying above them!

WILD WEASEL learned his trade flying for COBRA operations in every hemisphere in which the evil organization conducts its corrupt business. His knowledge of close support aircraft ranges from jury-rigged civilian conversions to state-of-the-art flying weapons platforms. When the COBRA ground forces are engaged in battle, WILD WEASEL swoops in to take out the enemy's armored vehicles. Whatever craft he's flying, he makes the most of the plane's capabilities. As wild and unpredictable as his code name, he'll sometimes buzz his own troops just to cause them trouble. He cut his teeth in the bush wars of South America and Africa, and it is rumored that a mouth injury inflicted during a strafing run was the cause of the characteristic sibilance in his speech pattern.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Wild Weasel first encountered the Joe team when he was ordered by the Baroness to track down Cobra Commander. His partner was Firefly. Together they confronted several Joes in in the Florida swamps and dealt with Zartan.

Wild Weasel was called to sit upon the mock trial of Billy. The boy, the son of Cobra Commander, had tried to kill his own father.

Wild Weasel had a rivalry with the Skystriker pilot Ace. This rivalry began with one of the Rattler's earliest appearances, when Wild Weasel (and Co-Pilot/Gunner, Baroness) ambushed Ace (and co-pilot Lady Jaye), initiating a dog fight over suburban New Jersey.

Later, Wild Weasel lead a group of Python Patrol Conquest Fighters against a team of Joe members in the skies over the Central American country of Punta del Mucosa. He was shot down by the Joe pilot Dogfight. He survived and continues to work for Cobra until they seemingly disbanded.

MUX History:

Wild Weasel is Commanding Officer of the Cobra Air Forces. His second-in-command is Sky Creeper. He remained loyal to Cobra Commander even after the Commander's disappearance.

In 2010, Wild Weasel flew in the Cobra attack that destroyed the Fort Hood Pit.

In 2011, he participated in the joint Autobot/Cobra/G.I. Joe strike against the Decepticons' North Pole facility.

In 2013, Wild Weasel traveled to Syria to support Cobra-led action there.

OOC Notes

Wild Weasel is Commanding Officer of the Cobra Air Forces. His second in command is Sky Creeper.


Blog Posts



  • August 16 - Pit Fall - Cobra attacks the Pit...


  • 27 June -"Dael Assault" - Cobra launches an attack on the Syrian town of Dael in an attempt to take it back from the rebels.
  • 2 July - "Unwelcome Visitor" - Having endured an injury at the hands of a prisoner, Major Bludd's bad day is not improved when Nightlash arrives at the camp seeking a personal alliance with Cobra.


While Wild Weasel is sometimes temped by Bzero, he is available for application.


Preferred Vehicles

  • Rattler (1984, 2002, 2008)


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