Transformers Universe MUX

Wild Cybertron is a nature show hosted by Backblast.




  • May 28 - "Wild Cybertron: Altihex" - Backblast visits Altihex after a big storm.
  • Aug 7 - "Wild Cybertron Petrorillas Episode" - Backblast, Hot Rod, and Dust Devil journey to watch one of Backblast's Petrorilla groups, the Copperback Clade that resides in the Ibex foothills of the Manganese Mountains.

2021: Season 2

2022: Season 3

Apr 18 - OOC: Remote Desert - Alyon

Please RP accordingly:

The Protectobots have been ICly deployed to the Remote Desert Region near Alyon. They are there ICly. OOCLy, if you've got a hankering for something or another, -@mail an ON-Duty Staffer- to see if something can be set up. Please allow staffer research time to ensure that the response is correct. There is an object there denoting Hot Spot's base mode being present near the pits where hot-spot energies were determined to be.

Team Autobot: Perceptor reported to confirm hot spot and spark energies detected in the OCT event as well as recently near Nova Point. The Protectobots were deployed to protect the Alyon spot. Again, @mail an 'On-DUTY' staffer with ? 
Team Decepticon: Con's are not apparently 'in the know' nor have reported anything re anything hot-spot or spark-energy related. So the Decepticons overall have -no idea- what's going on. Again, RP according to what you IC know. @mail an -On-Duty- staffer if you have questions. Also, if you icly know something... you're welcome to post as well. Or not, we're Decepticons, it's how we roll. 
Non-factional Cybertronians: Again, nothing reported either via rumors or reports so.. here we are. 
Earthlings: Hi! Thinking about you!