Whitedagger is a player on the MUX.

Meg Bennett

Meg Bennett

Whitedagger currently plays Meg Bennett, Nitro, Revenant, Starr and Zarana. He temps Soundwave.

Whitedagger formerly temped Blitzwing, Courtney Krieger (Cover Girl), Jinx, Onslaught, Razorclaw, Scattershot, Stalker, Steeljaw, Baroness, Beachhead, Cyclonus, Divebomb, Hot Spot, Silverbolt, and Slaughter, and played Shattered Glass Cover Girl, Jinx, and Stalker for the Shattered Glass TP.

In 2014 he was asked to temp Motormaster as a favor to Bzero.

Other MU*es

Whitedagger has played Megatron on Dark Ages of Cybertron, as well as Silverbolt and many many others on 2k5.

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