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The misanthropic former FBI agent may seem an odd choice to interact with the media, but White Hat's genius-level problem solving and natural savvy come in handy when selling the President's policies to the press.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

MUX History:

In 2018, White Hat helped thwart an attempt by Cobra to bug President MacLeod's golf clubs.

White Hat was later assigned to work as a liaison with the EDC.

OOC Notes

Greenshirts counter Cobra Troopers the same way Steel Brigade are counterparts to Cobra's Vipers. While most Greenshirts are Army Rangers, there are representatives from every branch of the military, as well as personnel from the CIA, DEA, FBI, Homeland Security, and other American organizations with an interest in counter-terrorism and national security.



  • 4-5 - "Extensive Liabilities" - The GI Joe forces attempt a risky infiltration of a possible Cobra asset, and are forced to pull their punches lest they may injure civilians.

May 02 - Dr Vandermeer Update

The figure of agent 'White Hat', the quirky blonde with dark glasses appears on screen, "Greetings GI Joe recruits and... well... I mean most of you use codenames so rank doesn't..." She waves her hand, "It doesn't matter. Okay, so your friendly data analyst here has been keeping an eye on Cobra traffic, and it looks like they had no noticeable spike in bandwidth changes, nor did they change their local hub away from Extensive Enterprises. In short, they had no idea you all were there so..." She gives a weak thumbs up, "all that stuff."

"Anyway, onto important mission stuff. So, this Dr. Vandermeer is going to be transported shortly, from Cobra territory upstairs." White Hat points up towards space, referring to the Solar Serpent. "They can do a lot up there, but telemetry and space transport are known quantities. As your EDC liaison, we've detected probable transport lines from there, BUT we don't have a fix on a location. Considering how secretive things have been for this man, any base he's set up at will take more intelligence gathering, but as your..." She does air quotes about the name, ""Mainframe" had said, recovering him in aerial transport is possible, so long as we have a team ready for intercept. Now, there's two assets worth recovering. the Doctor himself, his work is invaluable to Earth as a whole, but assuredly there's going to be a lot of equipment with him... specifically servers with pentabytes of wonderful, wonderful data to sift through. Cobra's for sure made copies of all that and might be able to extrapolate using the simulation programs undoubtedly built within. WE could do the same with that data and catch up."

"In short: If we recover the Doctor and the servers, we'll be able to quickly counter Cobra's play. If we recover just the Doctor, then it'd be like 'Hello, I'm the Doctor, Basically run.'" She manages a weak smile, then admits, "I mean it's right there, anyway that'd be good but not great. If something happens to the doctor...which, I mean this IS a gunfight at 16,000 feet or so, then recovering the servers will at least get us on the right footing. Everything else is indeterminate at the moment, but be prepared for high altitude combat and boarding, that includes rebreathers, HALO packs, and grapple lines. Something to avoid explosive decompression would be good unless you want to get sucked out of a craft through a straw. Aircraft simply cannot open fire on whatever transport Cobra is using but should be clear to engage with any escort craft. Ciao!"

May 13 - AAR: Operation: Five by Five


Agent White Hat here.

The operation was a modest success for the GI JOE forces. The infiltration aspect worked fully, allowing the Joes to board the transport at high altitude. Agents Ace, Temera, and General Hawk himself were assigned to or volunteered for the mission, with the latter two boarding the craft personally. After a sustained melee with enemy Cobra "Vipers", and Cobra agents "Barghest" and "Zarana", the Joe forces were able to remove the Doctor himself from the transport.

Assuredly, Debriefing will commence immediately...not that I get to assign those things...or say those things really.


White Hat is played by Zerombr.


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