The Wheeljack Instant Immobilizer is a piece of Autobot technology.

The Japanese turned me into a sword.

The Wheeljack Instant Immobilizer is a powerful device created by Wheeljack to immobilize Decepticon enemies. Or anything else, for that matter. It is operated by a small remote.


The Transformers cartoon

Immobilizer rumble with remote

Wheeljack created the Immobilizer in order to stop the Decepticon forces dead in their tracks. He demonstrated it at the Ark, and required Hound's hologram of Laserbeak to show off what it did. However, Ironhide mistook the hologram for the real thing and began shooting wildly, damaging the Immobilizer. Wheeljack sent Bumblebee and Spike Witwicky to go to town and fetch a new polarizer, but Ravage found out about the Immobilizer and planted a micro-bug on Bumblebee. The Decepticons discovered Ravage's data and wanted the Immobilizer for themselves.

When Spike and Bumblebee returned to the Ark with the polarizer, Wheeljack demonstrated the powers of the Immobilizer on a waterfall, where Spike stepped on the remote device and immobilized Wheeljack himself. Luckily, the effects of the Immobilizer were only temporary and Wheeljack reverted to normal a short time later. Unfortunately, Megatron got his hands on the device and was able to change the effect from temporary to permanent.

During a battle with the Autobots, Rumble used the Immobilizer to freeze several members of the Autobot team. With Brawn's help, Carly managed to get close enough to the Immobilizer to switch the device's polarity, in effect reversing the immobilizing effect. The affected Autobots reverted to their normal selves once Ironhide managed to hit them a second time with the Immobilizer beam. Ironhide then smashed the Immobilizer into the ground to keep it from falling back into Decepticon hands. The Immobilizer


Foreign names

  • Japanese: Immobilizer (イモビライザー Imobiraizā)
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