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The Well of All Sparks is a fount from which Primus birthed the Cybertronian race. It is said to be a direct conduit for the lifeforce of Cybertron's living god. It is also known as Well of AllSparks[1] and Well of Sparks[2].


MUX Continuity

The Well of All Sparks is located under the surface of the Torus States.

The Well of All Sparks

The AllSpark resided in the Well of All Sparks on Cybertron, where it carried out the will of Primus by creating every Cybertronian life. When the Autobot/Decepticon war erupted, however, the AllSpark ceased to produce life in a seeming act of divine rebellion, requiring anyone who wished to create new life to travel to Vector Sigma at the center of Cybertron.

Apocalypse World universe

In the Apocalypse World universe alternate future, Megatron tried to use the Well of All Sparks to make himself into a god.


On the MUX, Vector Sigma uses sparks from the Well to create new (or recycled) Transformer life.


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