From Destro, Cobra has now come into possession one of the most powerful weapons on Earth. The Weather Dominator allows one to play god with our planet's very climates. It can turn the most arid deserts into freezing environments, enact powerful winds and storms and unleash the fury of tornadoes. Its range is unlimited and reaches all over the globe. The exact science that governs this technological marvel is, sadly, forever lost but Cobra does not care as long as the evil organization has something to hold the world hostage.


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Weather Dominator

Weather Dominator


Dec 20 - Message to the World

Marekesh, Morocco:
Today, Laird James McCullen Destro XXIV of Transcarpathia announced to a gathering of thirty of the world's top meteorologists and geologists that he had a device that could end world hunger, end destructive weather patterns and possibly control and eliminate global warming all together, just to name a few of the device's possible uses; a device he calls the Weather Dominator. Though the name of the device is ominous, Laird Destro ensures the leaders of the world that he has nothing but benign intentions for the device and offers its' use to the United Nations, if they would provide Transcarpathia a seat in the United Nations, as well as an advisor seat for all hearings. Laird Destro ensures the world that Transcarpathia has nothing but benevolent intentions, and this is a rare extension of the olive branch from the weapons dealer and Laird of Transcarpathia. As Laird Destro was fielding questions in the scientific community about his device, he was unavailable for comment.
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