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Ignore the ground, and you lose the sky.

Warthog is a stubborn, brutish individual. Once he is set on an objective, he will follow it through until it is completed, or he ceases to function. Nothing will distract him from his task, unless it strikes him on the head with a twenty megaton nuclear explosion, and even then it will take a long time before he even considers it. Built for massive ground assaults against armored targets, Warthog is never satisfied with anything less than complete success. His jet mode of an A-10 Thunderbolt is armed with a 30mm seven-barrel chain gun, incendiary cluster bombs and anti-tank missiles. When in robot mode he uses the chain gun and an over-the-shoulder rocket launcher. Heavily-armed and armored, Warthog finds himself slow, cumbersome and at a disadvantage against smaller and quicker opponents like enemy aircraft. He is a mud-fighter, not a dog-fighter, and to his thinking, the ground is the foundation upon which everything is built; dominance over the sky is nothing without dominance over the ground.


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