Vrob is a planet. It is home to the Vrobians, psychic vampires that feed of the emotions and sensations of others.


Vrob is an absolute Max Max-like danger zone of hostile weather, and even more hostile inhabitants. There's little to no cover, and it's surrounded by vampires. Yes, they're not the 'blood sucking' vampires of yore, but still - it's a horribly aggressive and desolate planet.


Marvel The Transformers comics

When Vrob came under Zargon control, a number of Vrobians were forced off-planet. Kings of the Wild Frontier.

The AllSpark Almanac

The planet Vrob was part of the Quintesson Pan Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere.

 The AllSpark Almanac II

Apocalypse World universe

When Spike Witwicky died, his wife Carly was on Vrob.


  • The Marvel comics never named the Vrobians' home planet.
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