Viper is a Decepticon.

He's come to vipe your vindows.

Viper is well named. Among his very "serpentine" qualities are attacks and transformations that hit like the lightning fast strike of a cobra. His venomous bite often takes the form of a barrage of lethal acid pellets. Yet an even better word to describe him would be "Toxic." Viper's personality is so destructively malevolent that just being around him negatively affects the mental health of his allies as well as his enemies. This emotional collateral damage concerns the "mad, bad, and dangerous to know" Viper not at all.


In 2016, Floodlight targeted Viper at the Jump Joint, simply because she didn't like him. Counterpunch attacked Viper, covering him with riot foam.

Later Viper was captured by the Seacons and delivered to Rartorata to serve as a sacrifice in a dark ritual. No one seemed to miss him, although he was rescued - by an Autobot - at the crux of the ritual. He is severely damaged, and seems... changed.



  • Viper appeared in the Battle Tactics game before his toy was announced, leading some to believe he was an original character to the game. That didn't last long.
  • Viper's individual character bio comes from the Earth Wars video game "Operation Snakebite" event.
  • The line used to describe Viper in that bio "mad, bad, and dangerous to know" is a famous historical description of the English Romantic poet and rebellious, pro-Satan bad-boy, Lord Byron.
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