This page is for the evil Insecticon Venom. For the heroic leader of the Shattered Glass Mayhem Suppression Squad, see Venom (SG). For the Cobra-affiliated terror group, see VENOM.

"Friends are more dangerous than enemies."

VENOM will use his poisonous talents even on his fellow Decepticons at times. This is because Venom trusts no one. least of all his fellow Insecticons, any of whom, he feels, might be tempted to usurp his role as Insecticon Leader. What little self-esteem Venom has he draws from this title. So nervous is he about losing it that his behavior borders on paranoia: he would rather try to eliminate a comrade he barely suspects of coveting his position than risk letting him live. Some Decepticons say disparagingly that Venom would be better off if he were captured by the Autobots -- at least he would no longer have his fellow Decepticons to worry about.

The stinger mounted on Venom's head can discharge a variety of fluids harmful to both mechanical and organic life: acids that break down metal alloys, catalysts that alter molecular structures, toxins that paralyze human nervous systems, and several others. The stinger itself can penetrate ¼-inch steel. In cicada form, Venom can fly 15 mph with a range of 300 miles. In robot form, he carries an electric-blaster gun, powerful enough to short-circuit a tank.

Being as suspicious as he is, Venom has few friends, and fewer still who will come to his aid in times of trouble. His stinger often gets stuck, in his target, which sometimes leads, to it breaking off.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

While the Earth-based Insecticons slumbered, Venom's team was active on Cybertron, as an independent force that occasionally performed missions for Shockwave on an individual basis as part of the Decepticon Mayhem Attack Squad, counterpart to the Autobot Wreckers.

MUX History:

In 2007, during Megatron's absence from Earth to focus on a campaign on Cybertron, Earth commander Valour promoted Vanom to field commander of the Decepticon Assault Infantry division.

Venom currently leads the Mayhem Attack Squad on Cybertron, except when he is needed as a field commander on Earth. He accepts these missions on a contractual basis.

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Biological Cicadas do not have stingers.


Venom's Cicada mode



Venom had a player as recently as Feb 2009, but is now available for application. In the meantime he's been temped by bzero.


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