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Vector Jet

The VTOL jet fighter Vector was a highly-advanced jet fighter used by G.I. Joe's Battleforce 2000. The Vector was piloted by Maverick.


Cannon/Comics History

The Vector was armed with twin "Quick Blast" coaxial machine guns, two wing-mounted air craft pilot controlled (APC) 20mm cannons and could carry four AIM-33 "Narrow Sparrow" air-to-air missiles. It included a surveillance/ballistics pod armed with dual 7.62mm repeating auto-load machine guns. The pod was capable of separating from the fighter and combining with the other BF 2000 vehicles to create a temporary fortress. The Vector -- along with Maverick and all but one member of the Battle Force -- was destroyed during the Battle of Benzheen when oil storage tanks near it exploded.

The Vector was once stolen by Cobra forces but retrieved with civilian help.

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