Vashik is a Quintesson.
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Vashik is a Prosecutor-type Quintesson

Overseer VASHIK is a Quintesson prosecutor given an Overcharge/Allicon army for the purpose of laying siege to Cybertron. In the Quintesson hierarchy, Vashik believes he gets the short end of the stick. He's certain that he was given this assignment as punishment. For what, he isn't certain. He's also certain that In-Saba Nur, whose army is also involved in the attack on Cybertron, doesn't like him. On land, VASHIK is supported by a propulsion beam of pure energy. As a Prosecutor, he is distinguished by a curving, elongated cranial housing and a fairly vicious-looking countenance.

VASHIK is equipped with side-mounted, squid-like tentacles. While often seen in positions of authority, VASHIK firmly believes he’s being held from further promotion by the machinations of others. He is physically quite agile, moving with alien grace on land or undersea, but politically he’s clumsy and inept. With the destruction of his homeworld of Quintessa, VASHIK has been tasked with re-colonizing Cybertron. Twisted by exile and betrayal, VASHIK entertains himself with mock trails, petty cruelties, bizarre experimentations and attempted subterfuges. However, his paranoia at being the victim of just such subterfuges blunts his enjoyment of such games.


MUX History

Vashik's forces were deployed to Cybertron during the Quintesson invasion of Earth. In August 2013, Vashik successfully landed a Spire in Polyhex under heavy fire from a newly-recovered Shockwave.

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