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Bree Van Mark of Van Mark Industries

Van Mark Industries (NYSE: VMI) produces a wide range of products, from coconut milk to secret high-tech weaponry.


"There's something going on here more than bottling coconut milk, Mr. Van Mark..." -- Duke

In the 1980s, Cobra tried to force Owen Van Mark to sell the company to Extensive Enterprises. They failed.

In 2016, Cobra and the Decepticons both targeted the Van Mark Products Corporation building in Farmington Hills, MI, making off with much of their alien research and development.

Notable employees
  • Owen Van Mark - deceased - former CEO
  • Thurston Van Mark (Bree Van Mark's husband) - CFO
  • Bree Van Mark (Board member)
  • G.B. Blackrock (Board member)
  • Shawn Berger, Jr. (Board member)
  • Susan Silo - Van Mark Products spokesperson
Notable facilities
  • Coconut Milk Bottling Operation - Caribbean
  • Van Mark Mansion
  • Van Mark Products Corporation - Farmington Hills, MI