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The Valvolux Medical Center is an older building that has survived a lot over the years. The outer facade of the building has the scars to show it, but the inside is kept smooth and clean, all cracks repaired and surfaces washed regularly to keep it sterile. It wasn’t always a medical center- those with sharp optics or familiar with architecture may notice where the interior of the facility has been remodeled.

Most of the patients here are civilians with routine concerns- work injuries or corrosion control treatments. They check in at the counter and have accounts to pay bills as needed. The staff of the medical center are courteous and well enough trained to handle ordinary issues and the occasional emergency, but they do not keep the parts necessary for full rebuilds on hand, prioritizing instead the general health of the city’s populace. The City Guard come here for routine maintenance, but serious injuries are usually handled in a private repair bay near the city offices.

There is a secure ward within the facility for guests ‘of interest’, which is to say people who may have enemies and need additional protection. Autobots and Decepticons who need emergency care in the city often end up there. The local staff will assist to stabilize injuries, but mostly prefer to let factions take care of their own when possible. Visiting medics from other cities and factions may be asked for credentials before being allowed farther in, a precaution to maintain patient security and privacy.

Bulwark has been known to drop by the VMC sometimes to see patients, getting them on their feet in a fraction of the time or providing some encouragement to those who are struggling.




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