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Autobots within the territory are viewed indifferently, Decepticons within the territory are viewed indifferently, and Unaffiliated Inhabitants are undisturbed.
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Once a burgeoning manufacturing area known for its custom regulators, Valvolux has seen some of the most violent fighting in the long and bitter wars. The Cybertronian Ministry of Energy and Nutrition lies in ruins, long ago picked clean by scavengers. With Cybertron witnessing a new reawakening, however, Valvolux is being rebuilt and is beginning to thrive once more. The Dominicons have claimed and are defending it as a neutral stronghold, and many of the factories once again produce fine parts for use and sale. Strong, rebuilt walls and a city militia help make it a safe haven for those looking for a place to buy and sell in peace, and a rebuilt refinery means it has the supplies necessary to take in refugees from less stable polities.


Ancient History

Valvolux is said to have been built by The Founder. Also, a Titan is rumored to exist beneath Valvolux.

Valvolux was the scene of a battle between the Autobots and Decepticons millions of years ago that earned Ruckus his upgrade to a full-fledged Decepticon warrior.

MUX History

In 2018, the Decepticons attacked Valvolux, only to be stopped by the Autobots. Instead of retreating, the Decepticons laid siege to the former city. Eventually the Decepticons broke through the walls and invaded the city, only to be pushed back by a combined force of Autobots, Dominicons, neutrals... and Bulwark.

Valvolux held a masquerade festival in 2018 and again in 2019 coinciding with the Earth holiday of Halloween. Regular combats in the city's Arena provide entertainment for the masses.

City Law and Culture

The deal struck between the Dominicons and Bulwark was very simple. The Domincons handle security for Valvolux, both internal and external, and all the messy business of governance- creating and enforcing laws, diplomacy with other cities or factions, and the granting or revoking of citizenship. Illarion gets final say, but she often listens to or dispatches her ‘daughters’ rather than doing everything herself.

Bulwark is in charge of the factories and city construction. That would not be much in many cities on Cybertron, but in Valvolux that translates to Bulwark as the mech in charge of most of the civilians in the city in some fashion or another. In spite of his considerable assistance to defend the city when it was threatened, Bulwark himself is considered a civilian and holds no official rank within the city’s guard or militia. The respect the citizens of Valvolux hold for him mean that orders in an emergency will likely be followed anyway; Bulwark generally has free reign to move about the city as he pleases, but he has no desire to rule and is happy to leave that to Illarion.

Solus Prime is sometimes seen around Valvolux and is rumored to live there or at least somewhere close by. The Valvoluxians esteem her greatly and her presence in the city may cause crowds to gather just to see the famous Prime, though construction and factory foremen are quick to remind their teams that they have jobs to do.

Citizens of Valvolux enjoy a high degree of freedom for a Cybertronian polity. The market has no sales tax and the process of obtaining a license for a booth or storefront is relatively easy and the fees are low. Many citizens work in factories or in construction, but they are at liberty to sign on with individual work teams under whatever terms the team lead/foreman wants to offer, and both Bulwark and the Dominicons frown on exploitative terms. There are multiple avenues of resolution for disputes, from arbitration to taking it to the Arena. Teams coordinate within the city under Bulwark’s direction, and those that are willing to take the risks of traveling away from Dominicon protection are free to seek out contracts outside Valvolux. The Dominicons protect the freedom of Valvolux citizens to choose their own employment, but also emphasize that any charity is temporary- refugees that want to gain citizenship need to pick a job or find a crew willing to train them.

The city guard is made up of members of the militia who choose to work defense and security full time. They wear specialized badges that make them recognizable and are paid for their work. Militia members who do not join the guard get a smaller stipend so long as they attend training drills and show up in emergencies or attacks to defend the city.

On the MUX, there is a city broadband channel, "Valvolux". Citizens of the city and those with diplomatic access (like ambassadors) have free access to it.


Visitors to Valvolux are expected to sign in at the city gates or at least obtain flight clearance before approach. They are asked their business within the city; any wares for sale or unusual packages are inspected both for smuggled items and vermin. Citizens are allowed to enter and exit freely though their wares will still be inspected. The industrial district has many areas that are restricted to work crews for safety reasons. Anybody else caught in those restricted areas had better have a good explanation. Valvolux’s dangerous undercity has been largely sealed off. Exploration and recovery teams may sometimes probe below under Bulwark’s direction, but ordinary citizens aren’t allowed below without permission.

When there’s no scheduled fight in the Arena people may rent the location for other reasons, such as training, to play games, or to just yell into the void. Private fights are also allowed, though someone with medical training is required to be on hand in case of an accident. The small repair bay at the Arena is well stocked for battle injuries. No fighting to the death is allowed.


Illarion, of course, rules the city. She sometimes walks around to see how her people are faring in person.

Takedown and Stiletto are often seen working with gate security and the city guard. Takedown focuses on security and Stiletto on training the guard, but their jobs overlap.

Delusion tends to be one of the most visible, often walking the city in random patrols or sitting in her own booth in the market. She sells artistic paint jobs and armor etchings. She is also sometimes seen out of the city for air patrols or diplomatic errands.

Discretion is one of the least seen; she spends much of her time flying and handling communications from the air. However, she is also the official point of contact to non-citizens contacting the Dominicons. Like Delusion, she flies air patrols outside the city from time to time.

Widget is another not seen often other than excursions to the market to buy parts, scrap, and weapons to reverse-engineer. She does show any time the Dominicons have a big load to haul, since her skycrane mode is well equipped for it.




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