Transformers Universe MUX
Valve is an Autobot Wrecker and a Decepticon Squadron X member.

I'm the jackass white guy in the background!

Valve was a founding member of both the Wreckers and Squadron X.

Tired of feeling like cannon fodder for the Autobots, he joined Decepticons... and promptly became cannon fodder for them.


IDW Generation 1 continuity

Valve was a founding member of the Autobot Wreckers. Macabre's Squadron X profile

He later defected to the Decepticons and became founder and leader of Squadron X. Macabre's Squadron X profile The disgusted Wreckers ceased to count him as ever having been a member. Zero Point

He was succeeded as Squadron leader by Macabre. Macabre's Squadron X profile

MUX Continuity

Macabre led Squadron X as a vanguard of the Decepticon attack crossing the Metal Plains towards Valvolux. They were ambushed by Autobots, but nearly captured Windblade before being driven back by Dust Devil and Elita One.

Squadron X were subsequently repaired by Redline, although they didn't enjoy it.

Squadron X later took part in an attack on Valvolux.

When Overlord returned to Cybertron, he immediately took Squadron X into battle against the Autobot forces protecting Valvolux. After Overlord did significant damage to the enemy defenses, Squadron X absorbed the counter-attack to protect their new commander. Fang was killed in the process.





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