Captain Gears – Nebulos Updates

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To: Hawk
CC: Scarlett

While Captain Sci-Fi made a very comprehensive report, I thought I’d add a few things to finish off the updates.

The captive, Olin Zarak, remains in custody. The Nebulans have supplied a mixture that dampens his psychic abilities without rendering him continuously unconscious – it means we still must listen to him talk, but I’m less worried about an escape.

Captain Countdown has almost fully recovered from his gunshot and will soon be able to resume command of the Crusader. In the meantime, we were able to land it on one of Nebulos’s moons long enough to make some basic repairs, and then safely set it down on Nebulos for the rest.

Thanks to upgrades, the Crusader can now take off and land without the need for external rocket tanks, and therefore we were able to deploy and assemble the new warp gate. We should have it operational soon.

Back to work!

Captain Joseph “Gears” Morrone
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Star Brigade

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