• Jetfire's face appears on the screen, displaying a sleek, charcoal steel color of glowing armor*

"Jetfire here. As you can see (he extends his arms and turns around for a photogenic shot) I've had some upgrades recently. We are close to repairing the Ark, erasing weeks of setbacks from the dasterdly Decepticons! But we are well short in fulfilling Emperor Prime's desires to increase our presence on raids. After all, to expend energon, you must have energon. I will be calling on all of you to organize and hit the energy-rich provinces that the Decepticons have been used. This will be a dangerous act, but it will not be without its rewards. In fact, the Autobot who contributes the most to these raids in the upcoming days will receive a full-scale armor upgrade! The runner up will be rewarded with... a one hour, one-on-one meeting with me, where I will bestow an hour's worth of knowledge upon you.

"We are so close to fulfilling our destiny, Autobots! Fight on! Hail, Emperor Prime!"

  • with that, the screen goes black, followed by a purple Autobot spinny shiny icon*
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