• Kadjem

    Well, all I need is my final clearance from the medical staff, and I should be good to go to resume my normal activities. So look out Greenshirts, it is just about time for a wake up call! I think I will start ya'll off with a nice run around Offut, than we'll see if you can make it through my obstacle course, followed by some Hand-to-Hand training.

    I did have an interesting evening a few nights back... While I haven't been cleared for full duty, I did check out a Skystriker II for some stick time, and I ended up in a fight in South Korea. The Decepticreeps decided to attack a Steelworks, and the EDF responded. Myself and some Autobots drove them off. Felt pretty good... not as good as driving off some Snakes would have.

    I have had the…

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  • Kadjem

    SO.... While I was in Al-Alawi, I missed a lot, and thanks to Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu, I think I have finally caught up.

    Things I missed:

    • Walking Dead: Last thing I saw on this show was the 'death' of Sophia... Now I am caught up, and I must say, interesting. Although, Rick really needs to go to the Hawk "School of Command". And Daryl... while you might be good with a crossbow, you aren't *that* good. Let me teach you, you redneck cutie. (Oh, if people could read this, huh?)
    • Game of Thrones: When last I saw, Ned was beheaded... Now? Holy crap... Rebellion, betrayal, and murder, and that is just the Lannister/Baratheon family.... Not to mention Theon's "Killing" of the kids... And is it so wrong that my favorite characters are the 'outc…
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  • Kadjem

    Well, things are odd. Yes, my life, the odd thing that it is, can be even odder.

    How my life is always odd:

    • I am 61, I look I am 30.
    • I am in love with a man who loves me, but is too wrapped up with his Ninja Clan to Love me.
    • I am a member of a Top Secret Anti-Terrorist Organization, but by now, a lot of Civilians know who I am.
    • I have an evil twin, from an alternate dimension, who does anything to make my life a living hell.
    • I spend so much time undercover during missions, I sometimes forget who I really am.
    • I need more medical attention in one year, than most people do in a lifetime.
    • I am currently undergoing Psychological Therapy.

    How my life just got odder:

    • I am almost *friends* with my Ex-Boyfriend's new Girlfriend...
    • I am responsible for said E…

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  • Kadjem

    January 18, 2014 2330

    Something I have had on the back burner for the last few weeks, finally came to fruition Friday. I closed on a house it Gretna, Nebraska. Can you believe it? I own property, 10 acres of ranch-type land, a house, an open-stalled heated barn, and three horses. Yeah, horses... Time to have Spirit or Airborne give me a crash course in Horse handling. Or, I suppose, I could Wild Bill out, and have him show me....

    The 28 mile commute is longer than I wanted, but the privacy, the seclusion, and the beauty of the land was too much to pass up. I haven't told anyone yet, just took a few days leave, closed on Friday, and spent all day Friday and today shopping in Lincoln (So I didn't run into any Joes) and moving in. Of cou…

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  • Kadjem

    Jan 12 2014 - 2315

    "What Would Christ's Commander Do?" -----> WWCCD? ------> "What Would Cobra Commander Do?"

    Is it a stretch? With a Priestess Diana as the only public face of the Church of the Coiled Serpent? A Priestess, whom, I might add, is a Cyborg, with one cybernetic eye, and two Cybernetic hands... That sounds so much like Artemis, Diana Bourne, that it makes me want to get up out of medical, fly down to Texas, and infiltrate the Church, and poke around.

    Mount Carmel...? Why would a Church want to build themselves up on the grounds of a Cult that the Government destroyed (Yes, it was a totally screwed up assault, that would have gone better if they had deployed our D.E.F., instead of a mishmash force of ATF, FBI, and Texas Nation…

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