Perhaps not surprisingly, Daniel Witwicky has his own website and fan club on social media, which consists of many, mostly female (and a few male) followers from around the world. This has been going on for many years, and while it puzzles Daniel that he has such a following on the Internet and he isn't even an entertainer, he tries to remain in contact with them to let them know what's going on nonetheless.

Recently, tabloids began to circulate the rumor that Daniel had gone from looking like a boy of 13 to a young man of 20, virtually overnight! Daniel's social media sites remained strangely quiet on the matter, up until today.

Today, Daniel posted several 'selfies', taken against a non-descript grey wall, where it indeed appears that he now looks approximately 20 years old! His features, no longer childish, are unmistakable. Shortly after these photos appear, Daniel posts the following:

"No, this isn't a Photoshop joke or some kind of crazy trick. This is definitely for REAL, and it's something that happened to me very recently, following the closing of one of the dimensional portals near Autobot City. I woke up this way the next morning. Right now, there doesn't seem to be any way to reverse what has happened, so I have to move on with my life. I'm really very sorry to my friends in the magnet school -- you know who you are. I can't go back there for obvious reasons. You mean more to me than I can put into words, and it hurts me to have to leave like this."

"So what now? Now, I'm planning for college. I've been accepted to several great programs, but my choice has been made: I'm headed to the University of Oregon (go Ducks!!). Yeah, it's a new thing for me. I know I'll lose some friends over this, because some people like the 'old me' better. That's okay. But change is a part of life, and now I've got to discover who this 'new me' is. Please wish me luck. Sincerely, Daniel Witwicky."

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