Tele-Viper 2644 Report: Ratcatcher Booty

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Tele-Viper 2644 appears in the Command Center of the Solar Serpent.  Behind her, large, armored windows offer a dizzyingly beautiful view of the Solar System. TV2644 doesn’t seem to notice. Instead, she is focused on a neat row of servers stacked carefully in front of her. When she speaks, important data flashes across her helmet to emphasize certain bits of information.

TV2644 smiles. “Ratcatcher brought back quite a haul from the Live Nation headquarters.  Probably more than you’d think.”  She places a gloved hand on one of the servers.  “First, extensive customer data, useful for both intelligence gathering purposes and marketing research – we have email, passwords, preferences, financial transaction records, the works.  Also, Mindbender, there’s extensive R&D research here you might find very interesting.”

TV2644 smirks.  “And, apparently, Zarana isn’t the only one interested in the Holograms reunion tour.” She glances down.  “Some hacker named Silica has been all over their concert data – who’s going, how fast tickets sold, what the resale markup is – whoever it is, they’re obsessed.”  TV2644 chuckles.  “I’m more of a Gospel music person, myself, but whatever floats your boat.”

“Anyway,” TV2644 wraps up.  “I’ll send along what we pulled to various departments that might be interested.  If you need any specific queries ran, I’m your woman.  Tele-Viper 2644, reporting from the Solar Serpent.  Out.”  A command is sent through her helmet system, and the recording ends.

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