To: Joe Command
From: Sergeant Mace
Subject: Colorado Activity

Sergeant Mace

Sergeant Mace

While scoping out the drug trade in Colorado, I made two discoveries. One was the involvement of Deadline, Lifeline’s counterpart. He seems deeply entangled in the local crime scene. I’m investigating the death of a college student that I believe is linked to Deadline’s activities, but I must be cautious – if I recognized Deadline, there’s a chance he’ll recognize me. However, I’m going to press my investigation nonetheless.

The other news is the surprise appearance of Angel, Raven’s brother. I ran into him at a local club, and managed to listen in on a conversation he had with a Dreadnok who met him there. Apparently Angel was supposed to take command of six Dreadnoks to invade and ransack a base to serve as a distraction for Cobra. Angel feels Cobra might see him as a security risk, which I imply may because of his family connection with the Joes. I will attempt to ascertain the nature of the mission and how we can stop it. I’ll continue undercover here in Colorado, and call for backup if needed. Until then, I’ll remain under radio silence.

Sergeant Mace, US Army

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