Transformers Universe MUX

To: G.I. Joe
From: General Flint
Date: Tue Apr 13, 2010
Subject: Security leaks

We have reason to believe that several Joes and former Joes may be held captive on the other side of the rift. This is completely unacceptable. We can't allow any individuals with classified information to be interrogated by otherworld forces. Ebony, as soon as possible I want you to take members of Ninja Force to the other side to free and/or kill anyone who knows anything about our operations - Joe or Cobra. Lowdown, your fee is doubled for anyone you bring back from the other side - dead or alive. Our first priority is secrecy - then, control. The rest of you, find and capture those enemy robot forces on this side of the rift, or I'll start staking you out in the desert for bait to see if any return.

General Flint, Commanding Officer, G.I. Joe