Transformers Universe MUX

To: President Joseph Colton, G.I. Joe Command
From: Secretary of Defense Conrad Hauser
Subject: Alien Activity

Last evening the Burpleson Air Force Base was attacked by two alien shuttles. Sergeant Major Ebony was able to take down one of them over western Texas, but the other was able to breach American airspace and escape with the alien dinosaur we’d been seeking. However, it did not escape unscathed. I activated the Global Orbital Defense Satellite system, and nearly destroyed their ship in one shot. These aliens may be powerful, but they are not unbeatable. Another shot and I would have had them.

I want the ship Ebony took down secured, dismantled, and brought to the Burpleson Air Force Base for study. I want the pilot of that ship found, captured, and dissected as well. Ebony, and soon as you recover I want you to report to be personally. All other Joes are to be on high alert and ready to respond immediately to any alien threat.

Conrad Hauser, Secretary of Defense