Meanwhile, on the flip side... <In mimeographed leaflets secretly passed around town> Gentle Followers,

Our relocation to Springfield seems largely complete. The loss of Cobra Compound was certainly a blow, but I am in contact with a pair of Corsican lawyers willing to work pro bono and do everything they can to get our children back from state authorities. Our time of working in the open as a peace movement is obviously past - somehow our message of hope and non-violence is just too threatening to the Colton administration.

As much as the idea repulses me, it may be time to arm ourselves again and fight back. To many times Colton's goons have met our peaceful resistance with guns drawn. While I am willing to die to bring peace to this world, I cannot sit back and watch my nonviolent followers get slaughtered because I will not fight. I could course will support anyone who wishes to refrain from fighting, but those who wish to organize a defense please contact me immediately.

With infinite caring and unconditional love,

Father Cobra

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