Transformers Universe MUX

Red Alert appears in a message recorded in Perceptor's electrical engineering lab. He looks intensely at the camera, blue optics wide. "I've decided to assist Dust Devil his studies of the second Key and in interpreting the message from Vector Sigma. Perceptor, if you could, please check to see if we're approaching a 'dying star', and perhaps speculate on how such a proximity might help restore Cybertron."

"Also, you may wish to examine the data Dust Devil has collected on the Key in case it might help him use it to track the mysterious chamber that 'no mech' may enter. If you or anyone else know of any history that might give us a good starting point to search for this chamber, it would be most helpful. Perhaps the secrets are held at the Temple of Knowledge? I know it was ransacked by the Old One, but perhaps someone of your skill could extract some extant data."

"In the meantime, I've personally taken on the task of protecting the Key at all cost. Cuffs, please report to Electrical Engineering to assist me in this task. We must remain ever vigilant! Caution can never be overused! We may also wish to check on Vector Sigma's survival, or all this may be moot. Can Quickswitch be pressed into service on this account? If Sigma is buried in a cave-in we may need the use of a drill-tank."

"We must hurry!" Red Alert counsels. "I'm sure the Decepticons are on the search as well. They may be attempting to infiltrate our bases even now, seeking out what information we've already gathered. We cannot allow them to reach the secret chamber before we do -- the results could be catastrophic! For all we know, Megatron plans to use it to destroy Cybertron! I will do my part -- all of you must as well! Security Director Alert, out!" The recording ends.