Transformers Universe MUX

Red Alert appears in a mobile recording from the Pious Pools.  Despite the relaxing atmosphere, the Autobot Security Director’s optics look ready to pop out of his head.  “Optimus, are you INSANE?” asks the pot to the kettle.  “You know this ‘uninvited guest’ can walk through walls, correct?” he gasps, narrowing down who this unnamed visitor might be.  “We need to get her out of Iacon IMMEDIATELY.  My initial scans of the Pious Pools have turned up no trace of sabotage, but that just means it’s well hidden even from ME!”

Red shakes his head violently.  “And then Starscream just shows up magically at our gate, demanding peace?  Don’t trust his words, Prime – I have been on the other end of that silver vocaliser.  He can’t be trusted, and you were right to send him away.  You can’t keep our other guest here, either.  Move her to Garrus-1, or better yet, the Alchemor.  Just don’t release her to bring her findings back to the Decepticons, and certainly don’t keep her held so close to the Decagon.

“I’m leaving further scanning of the Pools to Hoist and returning to the Iacon Medical Center.  I don’t know if we even HAVE a way to hold our prisoner if she tries to phase, but we need to give it our best shot. Trailbreaker, Dust Devil – meet with me when you can once you are finished assisting Imager with the Pools. We need to update our medical forcefields against phase cloaks, and the sooner the better.”

Red somehow opens his optics even wider.  “Security Director Red Alert, out.”