Transformers Universe MUX

Ratchet leans over a station in the main lab of the Iacon Medical Center.  His blue optics are dim, and he frowns, speaking into a small mic. “No word from Inferno or Hot Spot about Imager – we’re still looking, though.  She’s too big to lose easily.  We’ll find her,” he says with confidence that isn’t reflected in his expression.  “Holi, I want you and the rest of the Rescue Patrol Team to join the search – we have to find her before any more predators do.”

“As for new Dinobots,” Ratchet continues, “If Wheeljack is making any more, he’s either doing it solo, or working with Blaster again.  I have my own projects.  Stormwind, could you please track down our new friend and make sure he doesn’t get into any real trouble?  Finding out more about him might be nice as well.  Seems cute from the recorded footage. Still, approach with caution.

“As for Ultrix... luckily, we didn’t lose many Autobot citizens, but that’s cold comfort in the face of how many other civilians were lost. Starlock, if you want to take a team and help search for any last survivors, you have my permission.  We’re kind of in this together.  Optimus, I’m available for a staff meeting any time you want to schedule.  I won’t even heckle this time.”

“CMO Ratchet out.”  He flicks a switch and the recording ends.