Prowl appears on-screen in a report recorded in the Autobot City command center. His usual crisp, officious manner is softened by a rare, warm smile. “Autobots, I have good news to report. With the specter of Lodestone soon closing the rifts, I took it upon myself to go through the portal and retrieve our missing Autobot personnel, Blaster and Snoop.”

Prowl looks pleased at his results. He continues: “Snoop was located outside a human Air Force base, and retrieved with little initial resistance. However, before we could depart, our shuttle, the Concordium II, was hit by some sort of massive orbital laser. It nearly destroyed the ship in a single hit, and if I hadn’t gotten us out of there quickly, we may not have escaped at all.”

Prowl’s tone sobers. “Blaster’s shuttle, the Valiant, was also downed by other-Earth’s human forces, and he was forced to abandon it. I picked him up on the way out of their universe, and both are recovering in Autobot City’s repair bay. However, the kind of firepower these humans marshal is disturbing, especially when taken in light of their reported disposition. It may be wise to close these rifts as quickly as possible.

“Prowl out.” The recording ends

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