Optimus Prime appears on-screen from the bridge of the Ark, where he’s been investigating the recent infiltration by Ar-Gent Silverfinger. His face is unreadable behind his mask but his voice sounds relieved. “Springer, you were correct in acting swiftly to trade Crosscut’s life for the captured Decepticon Harbinger. Whatever small amount of intelligence we may have gained from her is insignificant compared to the value we place on our friend and ally Crosscut. Crosscut, we welcome you back.”

“Unfortunately,” Prime continues, “we also have other concerns on our plate. Spike, work with the EDC to see if G.I. Joe requires additional resources to keep Doctor Arkeville out of enemy hands. We are the ones who placed the Joes in danger when we turned Arkeville over to their care. I authorize defensive measures against our adversaries. Furthermore, find out what you can about the superhuman who impersonated their pilot. If this is a new foe, we must prepare.

“As for the American agency working against us – I cannot risk the damage to human lives that may result from even a covert incursion against their facilities. The friction between the Autobots and the current American administration does not give us the authority to engage military raids against them, even if they are working against us. We must instead simply increase security of our Earth bases, and perhaps look until relocating from America if necessary.

“We have opened an embassy in Valvolux, and may do so in Harmonex as well. These are to be considered neutral cities, and under NO circumstances is violence against the Decepticons or anyone else to be initiated in either of these cities. Should you have a dispute, gather intelligence and report in – do not take action into your own hands. Harmonex has unique cultural value that must be protected, and the people of Valvolux have suffered enough. I will allow no exceptions.

“Last but by no means least is the situation involving the Fallen. He is a being of great power, and is not to be engaged without serious backup. Backblast, Scales – if you can develop any weapon to be used against him, perhaps with the assistance of Bulwark, do it. While we will not invite conflict, it is only a matter of time before he will come calling again. We will not be unprepared.” Prime’s optic ridge furrows. “Be vigilant, Autobots. ‘Til all are one.” Optimus ends the transmission.

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