Emperor Prime appears on screen, looking down on high from the dais in his throne room. The mecha-bird Moondor perches on his shoulder and behind Prime stands communications head Blazter. Prime’s targeting laser glows along with his exposed crimson left optic.

In his gravelly Venger voice, he growls, “The Decepticons prepare an attack, but first they require an energon run to Decepticon City on Earth. To do so they must use stolen spacefold technology to bypass the Plait Expanse.”

Prime’s visible optic narrows. “This opens up opportunities to attack. When the Decepticons come out of warp, they will be sensor blind for approximately 4 astrominutes. We will camp and lie in wait to strike when they first appear.

Rodimus – travel to the Manganese Mountains and retrieve Sky Lynx. He will be needed for the attack.” In a voice that will allow for nothing else, Prime intones, “I will expect your successful return soon.” He gestures with his chainsaw hand, and the transmission ends.

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