Meanwhile, on the flip side…

<Audio Only Recording>


“As many of you have no doubt heard, intelligence suggests that the Autobots are nearing completion of a spacecraft with the intent to use it to attack an unsuspecting planet called Earth. In order to defend said planet, I have dispatched Ravage to Earth to gather information on the Autobots’ target and perhaps give warning if feasible. Professor Astrotrain, who absolutely kicks aft, volunteered to take Ravage to the Sol System.

“I will continue to monitor development on the Autobot warship, codenamed Ark, which I believe is a reference to Earth mythology. I will investigate further. When Ravage checks in I’ll report back on the lil dude’s progress as well. Until then, rock on my fellow Decepticons, and do what you can to keep the peace. I’ll be playin’ you a tune of camaraderie and love.

“‘Wave out.”

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