Thu Jan 22:    Floodlight

<Audio recording, with attached image file> "This is Floodlight reporting from the field. Earlier this evening, Slugfest was delivered to us in a metal box by a human aircraft that left him just on the edge of our sensor range." In the background can be heard, "Am hungry! Where are energons?" Floodlight's voice continues. "Included with Slugfest was this note: See attached. We'll bring Slugfest back to Decepticon City and make sure he is energized and unharmed. Floodlight, out." Attached is an image file of a note that reads the following:

"Attention Decepticons: You really need to keep better control of your pets. Perhaps a stronger leash is in order? At any rate, the accompanying tape 'con was removed from a lake as a hazard to the environment and is thusly returned to you. In regards to your other inquiry, I believe the humans have a saying... go pound salt? It is this I suggest you do as restoring Megatron, our arch nemesis, to full working order is quite contrary to our goals of ending this war. Sincerely, Optimus Prime."

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