Megatron appears in a message recorded in the command center of Tarn. His optics glower, although his words, at least, start off sweet.

"I want to commend Starscream and his troops for driving the Autobots out of Toraxxis. The Constructicons have moved in to build a mega-refinery that will provide the Decepticons more than enough energon to drive the Autobots off Cybertron. Now that we no longer require energy from Earth, Starscream, I want you to prepare a weapon to scour that planet clean of life. You’ve said conquest is made on the ashes of one’s enemies - it is time to turn the Earth to ash.

"Scourge - direct your Sweeps to locate and return Nemesis to us, and punish whomever is responsible for his disappearance. In the meantime, Centerfold, as acting commander of Medtech Division, report to Toraxxis to oversee the construction of the mega-refinery. Shockwave, bring your forces to Toraxxis to protect our installation until its defenses are complete. Valour, direct the Seekers to patrol all routes leading from Iacon. Make sure no meddling Autobot forces survive the trip to Toraxxis.

"Soon, Decepticons, life on Earth will be destroyed, and those on Cybertron will be under our control. Those supporting our efforts will be rewarded; anyone standing in our way will be obliterated. For the glory of the Decepticons!" Megatron clenches a powerful fist, and with a gesture, ends the transmission.

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