Megatron appears in the Cradle in Kolkular. He is lit from the glow of countless monitors. Incoming reports have been muted slightly so as not to interrupt his broadcast. Megatron frowns thoughtfully, leaning forward slightly in the central chair.

“Excellent work, Soundwave,” Megatron begins, offering rare praise for Soundwave’s recent research. “It seems that legendary giants once again walk among us, but where there is chaos, there is opportunity. These beings wield powerful artifacts that in the right hands may turn the tide of battle against the Autobots. Find out what you can about these miraculous devices. Perhaps we can lead these titans to destroy themselves while we pick up the pieces.

“Seek out further information about these ‘Thirteen,’” Megatron continues. “Use your contacts within the foolish Harmonex Autobots to ‘share’ information with them, withholding anything you learn that we can use against them. If you encounter one of these ‘original Cybertronians’ do not engage unless they cripple themselves fighting other Thirteen. Should they unwisely weaken themselves before you, however, attack – I’m sure there is much we could learn from their corpses.

“The rest of you are to respect the neutrality of Harmonex and the Rollout Bar for now, as they have been a boon for intelligence gathering from our talkative enemies. Shockwave, work with Starscream to identify other vulnerable areas to raid and expand our control while degrading the Autobots’ defenses and alliances. For now, we will allow the Autobots to assume we work together against a common foe – and then, once they are distracted and lulled into complacency, we strike.”

Megatron leans back in his chair. “The rest of you, continue on with your duties,” he concludes. Gesturing to the monitors which around him, he warns, “I will be watching.” The transmission ends.

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