Megatron appears in a message recorded in his castle in Kolkular. Instead of being seated on his dais, however, he stands before a massive artillery piece strongly resembling his fusion cannon. There is a murderous gleam in his optics.

“With all the recent failures I’ve endured from the lot of you, it’s good to know some troops never disappoint.” Megatron’s gleeful optics narrow as he turns slightly to show off his new super-weapon.

Bludgeon’s Mayhem Attack Squad has returned a weapon to me that will tide the battle over to our forces at last. With this new strong arm, even the wall of Retoris will not stand.” Megatron pats the barrel of the artillery piece with affection he’s never shown a living being.

“Bludgeon, you and your team will be rewarded for this victory. Blockade, Soundwave, Nightbird, and Skullgrin – all of you will be rewarded double-rations. Bludgeon I am naming you 'Master of the Foot' and placing you second in command of Decepticon Assault Infantry.

“The rest of you – look to Bludgeon and his team for guidance on how to proceed. I will tolerate no more disappointments! Close the blockade around Cybertron and allow no one to enter or leave without my approval. Cybertron will learn to respect my rule!”

With a motion, Megatron ends the transmission.

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