Megatron appears, seated on his dais in the command center of Decepticon City. As the recording begins, he leans forward, talking directly into the camera.

"The Autobots are trying to play us for fools!" he bellows, clenching a mighty fist. "But we will beat them at their own game. Starscream - calculate the distance to the nearest 'dying star' in our path, and when we will pass closest to it. Have your Seekers patrol Cybertron and continue to shoot down any Autobot or neutral who tries to leave the planet -- all will remain there to witness to my triumph!

"Shockwave -- you are to build another copy of Plumgaige's Energon Rejuvenation Matris. I have a feeling I know what Vector Sigma's plans are for Cybertron, and we may have use for it. We cannot allow the Autobots to deduce our plans, however. Keep them distracted – lay siege to Iacon, and let them try to figure out what we’re after. Your purpose is diversionary, although I of course will not frown upon the complete destruction of their accused Great Dome.

Cyclonus – use every resource at your disposal to find that Key. The Autobots were setting traps on Luna 1 for a reason – search it, and discover if it is hidden there or if the Autobots are running a diversionary mission of their own. Bring Dust Devil to me if possible – if not, destroy him, and deny the Autobots whatever knowledge he’s gained. We should have more than enough information to save Cybertron on our own.

“Finally, Nemesis – gather your Constructicons and meet me in Kalis – quietly, if possible. I have a mission for you that will act as a contingency plan should all else fail. I have an old idea long abandoned that it may be time to bring to light. Attempt to avoid Autobot patrols in Kalis – we don’t want to tip off the Autobots to our activities too soon. They will find out soon enough on the groon of their destruction.

“Everyone else – know that soon Cybertron will enter a new Golden Age, with the Decepticons as sole lords of its power. Prepare. Our victory is at hand!” Megatron raises a clenched fist, and then with a swift motion ends the transmission.

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