Megatron appears on-screen, returned at last from wherever the Pit he’s been since the failed operation on Dread. It’s unclear from where he’s transmitting – it seems to be some sort of laboratory, but not one recognizable to most Decepticons. His silver armor reflects the dots of light in an otherwise darkened lab. Megatron looks hale and hearty, if grim. His crimson optics narrow, and his jaw clenches as he glowers into the camera.

“Doomsayers claim that life on Cybertron is at an end – that the damage of to our homeworld is irreversible,” Megatron intones. “The fearful attempt to flee, trying to escape our dying world while they still can. The Autobots support this surrender, assisting those who would crawl away from our only home and leave it to perish in their wake. Cowards prepare to give up and move on, allowing Cybertron to die. They would leave our planet to the cultists who call and pray for its destruction.”

Megatron leans forward, and a bright light burns in his optics. “To this I say NO!” he exclaims forcefully. “Cybertron is my world, and it will not die. The people of Cybertron are my citizens, and I do not give you leave to depart. You will return to your cities and await Decepticon salvation. We will overcome this planetary malaise, and emerge from it stronger! Any ships attempting to flee the planet will be targeted and destroyed. You are mine to command, and mine to protect. Cowardice is treason.”

Megatron leans back once more, disappearing partially into the shadows of his hidden lab. “Cyclonus - NemesisShockwaveStarscream – you will attend me immediately for further orders. The rest of you will patrol the skies and alleyways of Cybertron and prevent any further exodus. We will return our world to its former glory, under the mighty reign of the Decepticons. Prepare, and protect.” Megatron gestures, and the recording ends.

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